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There are more deaths from COVID-19 in 2021 than all of 2020.

More people around the world are dying from more. Covid-19 so far this year than last year According to information compiled by Johns Hopkins University. So far, 3.77 million deaths have been reported since the pandemic, with 1.89 million in 2021, with more than 1.88 million reported deaths as of December 31, 2020.

Although the actual number of deaths from the epidemic last year could have been much higher. This is partly due to data delays. ineffective case and incomplete reporting The numbers serve as a reminder of the pandemic that has killed millions around the world, and so far vaccination has captured the deadliest outbreak in the United States. Nearly 600,000 deaths in the United States have so far been reported. income

Globally, more than 9,000 deaths from COVID-1

9 are confirmed daily, with an average of more than 9,000 daily. The newly reported death rate has continued to decline from its last high in April. But it’s still higher than the daily record since last November.

Hospitalization cases and deaths are also increasing in many countries. The World Health Organization warned this week that the Western Pacific region, which covers Asia, It has once again recorded the highest mortality rate to date.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization told reporters that “We are seeing more and more two-way pandemics. Many countries still face extremely dangerous situations. As countries with the highest vaccination rates start talking about ending restrictions” on Monday.

Health officials have warned world leaders on several occasions about prematurely easing COVID-19 restrictions over the past week. citing concerns about the rise of the new virus that spreads rapidly The White House also raised concerns on Tuesday about recent data indicating that the vaccine was significantly less effective after one dose compared to the B.1.617.2 variant was first introduced in India. Fauci, Chief Medical Advisor to President Biden call on Americans

Dubbed the “delta” variant, the WHO appears to have driven the outbreak of cases in many countries around the world. Even in the UK, where 6 out of 10 people have received at least one shot of the COVID-19 vaccine . There is evidence that full vaccination still protects against all known strains.

In the United States, B.1.617.2 has been found by labs in 49 states. “Nowcast” estimates published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that it may account for 6.1% of the virus circulating in the country.

The dire milestones also come as President Biden is touting the purchase of 500 million doses of Pfizer’s “historic” COVID-19 vaccine to donate to low- and middle-income countries and the African Union. By 2022, more than 80 million doses he pledged. to share by June

Biden said on Thursday that As long as the virus continues to spread elsewhere There is a risk of new mutations that could threaten our people,” Biden said Thursday in announcing the purchase.

Global health officials hailed President Biden’s declaration as a It is a “major step forward” to help tackle “urgent” vaccine shortages in the US and other wealthy countries. It has faced months of growing criticism for choosing to vaccinate their own children and low-risk residents. “at the expense of health workers and high-risk groups in other countries”

The Biden administration has also announced recently that it will relax the use of the Preventive Manufacturing Act for mandated quantities from Novavax, Sanofi and AstraZeneca, potentially helping supply unused vaccines that have been hoarded under power. of war for Americans is over.

However, the amount of the drug from the president’s Pfizer purchase is not expected until August. First deliveries will have numbers only “in the 50 million range,” the State Department’s COVID-19 coordinator, Gary Smith, said Thursday.

Global leaders have also called on the Food and Drug Administration to expedite the review of vaccine components produced by Emerrgent BioSolutions for Johnson & Johnson, which are still in disruption worldwide. This is because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has detected cross-contamination in their product portfolio.

And the United States faces opposition to other moves that could help scale up production of COVID-19 vaccines in other countries, such as support for patent waivers still in talks at the WTO.

“Six months since the first vaccination High-income countries have provided nearly 44% of the world’s drug supply. Low-income countries receive only 0.4% of the vaccine,” Tedros told WHO member states on Thursday.

“The most disappointing thing about this statistic is that it hasn’t changed in months,” he added.

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated to correct the average daily death toll.

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