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There is room to go upside down quickly.

Quick: “I liked it, but it got stuck in the Zoom, Peloton. You know it’s stuck in the Zscaler. It can be considered a tall multi-stock. But I’m not going to sell it here, I think this one has room. Running upside down, maybe not upside down But of course it will be upside down “

Taiwan Semiconductor: “Taiwan Semi has a lot of orders, I don’t know what to do and buy at this level.”

Retractable Technologies: “I think this stock type will not work right now and I will not be a retractable buyer.”


Kanu: “Let’s join the show. But this group turned out to be very difficult … I must say now there are other easier ways to earn money. “

Nio: “Nio has to come down. I mean, there’s too much hot money in some parts. [but] That doesn’t mean I don’t like the company. “

Plug Power: “I have to enable it … we have to figure out what happened”

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