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These 14 states must be ‘wary of COVID, virus experts’ warn

There is a lot to celebrate now in light of the COVID epidemic.As of April 30, 101.4 million people in the United States were fully vaccinated, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly half the population. US adults And while some states are the exception, COVID cases have not been at a nationwide low since October 2020, according to NPR, but a related trend has emerged in recent weeks: rates at which people Getting vaccinated is slowing down as a Wall Street Journal Analysis of the CDC data, the US gave approximately 2.8 million coronavirus vaccines a day over the past week, down from an average of 3.2 million per day during April.

Epidemiologist Michael OsterholmPh.D., director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, expressed concern about the recent drop in vaccination rates in his April 29 episode. Update Osterholm The podcast, infectious disease experts, says states with higher rates of new cases and lower vaccination rates are something to be “wary of”

; now.

“We are watching a sharp drop in vaccinations in terms of new vaccinations over the past four or five days. We have more people in this country who have been vaccinated for a second dose when they are vaccinated.” This indicates that the numbers are going down, ”Osterholm explains.“ We still have big holes. ”

“I just want us to be careful here,” Osterholm continued. “I know people will say it won’t increase, I’ll make it disproportionate. But you look at the numbers for yourself, and when we look at this we see in many situations, vaccination gaps… Of course, some people in the Northwest where we see vaccine hesitancy, others in the South where we see vaccine hesitancy. So I raised this point now that I think we have to be careful that we are done. “

In particular, Osterholm pointed out 14 states that should be wary For a better understanding of how vaccination rates differ in these states, we went to the Becker’s Hospital Review, which calculates the percentage of people in each state who are vaccinated using the CDC’s vaccine tracking data at: On April 30th, we then looked at the US COVID Act Now COVID Risk & Vaccine Tracker to compile new patient rates in 14 states.Osterholm was also concerned on April 30. We also included COVID Act Now vulnerability levels for each state, some of which match Osterholm’s concerns, while others don’t.

Read on to find out which states to watch out for, according to virus experts. (For comparison, Maine now has the highest percentage of people who are vaccinated, with 39 percent and California has the lowest new cases of 4.4 per 100,000 people). COVID is on the rise, these four states are seeing the worst coronavirus outbreak at the moment.

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