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These 7-minute walking tips can add years to your life, study says.

If you love working out and love the latest fitness trend, you’ll know the fact that we’re in the world of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) shortly thereafter when you need it. Become a military cadet in order to know how to behave properly. Today, it’s all about moving more in less time – including fast running intervals, lightning-fast 5-minute workouts, and the Peloton-style spin class that you push to the max in the range. A short time for the heart rate to soar through a short period of time to the roof.

But it seems a bit outdated, walking is still the single most common form of exercise you’ll find on the planet. According to the latest statistics, there are 1

11 million walkers in the United States. And let’s be clear: this is the file good The thing. (For more info on why, see here for what happens to your body as you walk more, science says.)

However, if you’re in the walking crowd, there is at least one simple trick you can do is to take the HIIT principles and apply them to your own daily walks that will help you get through. way Walk more On top of that, with a large study, you can significantly reduce your risk of death. Read more, and for more exercise advice for living longer, check out here for one of the best single exercises for beating Alzheimer’s disease, doctors say.

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Last year, researchers at Cambridge University released a large study that analyzed data from more than 90,000 people who had been wearing fitness trackers for more than two years in the journal. Lancet Global HealthAt the end of the research, the team was able to link mortality risk to exercise intensity.

Finally, they found that for people who do not exercise often or at all Taking a brisk 7-minute walk instead of a leisurely 12-minute walk may reduce the risk of death by one third. (Additionally, they found that at least 3.9 million people could die worldwide every year if more people were physically active.)

This is just the latest compelling evidence of speeding up your gait. And for more great workout advice, see Why Science Says It’s the Best Abdominal Workout You Can Do.

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Another study, aimed at older adults with cognitive disabilities, was published earlier this year in the Alzheimer’s Disease Journal– Found that brisk walking for half an hour improves cerebral circulation and improves cognitive performance while improving memory function.

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According to Harvard Medical School, the best way to know you’re walking fast enough is to refer to the “Perceived Exertion Scale,” which uses your breath and speaking ability as a reference point for concentration. By scale, the perfect definition of “Walking fast” is “when breathing gets heavier” and “talking becomes difficult.” If you’re experiencing “shortness of breath” and you can’t speak at all, you’ve done “vigorous” exercise. For more information on this level, see The Secret Trick for Walking for Exercise, Harvard.

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Courtesy of Tom Holland, MS, CSCS, CISSN, exercise physiologist and author. Small Exercise Plan: Get the body you want without exercising in 15 minutes or less per day.Here are some great half-hour walking workouts you can try today:

Warm-Up: “Walk easily for 10 minutes to keep your body loose and comfortable.” The Power Intervals: “Walk with vigorous energy for 30 seconds – walk as fast as you can. Keep walking easy for recovery. Repeat this cycle nine more times. “The Cool Down:” Walk easy for 10 minutes. “And for more great workouts, check here to learn about three exercises. Proven to change your shape

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