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This’ 90s Chanel-inspired collection is an ode to Britney Spears.

With her court appearance on June 23, Britney Spears has become the subject of discussion as numerous documentaries about her life have brought her back to center.

But the ode to the beloved pop princess took the place of the most unexpected Tuesday: Chanel’s Cruise 2021/22 collection in the finale of the Belgian singer-songwriter Angèle concert. Faintly cover of Spears’ hit song “… Baby One More Time.”

Angèle, 25, was just three years old when the world was introduced by Spears, Pig’s Tail in 1998, who danced to the iconic music video instantly. But it is just a confirmation that we are fascinated by ’90s nostalgia along with fashion trends. Rooted in the early auctions, it is still more relevant than it was about twenty years later.

Further evidence is sprinkled across France̵

7;s 2021/22 Cruise collection, featured under Creative Director Virginie Viard: a mesh mini dress overlaid on long sleeves, a graphic t-shirt overlooking underneath. A pastel tweed suit and bodice hidden in a miniskirt. Most of the look was adorned with a fork with a hairpin logo and lip ring, and finished off with black fishnet stockings. A tapered crop top is styled with a pearl belt and low cut skirt. Low ground, do you remember these things? They are back! Black velvet dress at the end, worn with a robe, closed the show.

Also noteworthy: the silhouette presented by the luxury label is logistically simple. Loose at the waist, wavy shapes and low heels, mostly white and pointed, evoke a modish feel.Capes and caftans flow beautifully, as do their purple feathered counterparts. Viard’s subtle magic is a look that doesn’t force it. It’s just a deal for those looking to fill their appetite for the seasonal duffle trend – while dripping cool in luxury.

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