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This fix makes the multi-display setting better in Windows 10.

Having multiple displays is a great performance enhancer when you’re streaming, editing, or trying to distract yourself by showing them in the background while playing your favorite online games. It̵

7;s too bad that Windows 10 makes them difficult to use.

For some reason, when you put your Windows computer to sleep while using two or more displays, the open window will jump to your primary display when the system wakes up, forcing you to wake up. Reorganize your layout Every time You boot your PC from sleep mode.

Fortunately, Microsoft is working on a fix that Microsoft is calling upon. Quickly Detects Hot Plug (Fast HPD)This keeps apps and folders open where you left them before putting your PC to sleep.. Microsoft endorses the amendment “Not limited to monitor manufacturers, hardware specifications, connector type or cable brand” and applies to all Windows 10 PCs with multiple monitors and laptops connected to an external display regardless. User system settings

A quick fix for HPD will be released as part of the October 2021 update later this year, but those who can’t tolerate app switching whenever their PC wakes up can join the Windows Insider program to get it. Instant updates

Please note that the Windows Insider Program is not for everyone. As you get new features early, testing features are often not completed, system bugs are more common, and you may need to update your PC more often. If you are patient with those warnings, you can do so. Join the Windows Insider program here..

Windows Insider build 2187 (currently found in Dev channel) should arrive on your PC shortly after you signed up for the Insider program, but you can check for available system updates at Settings> Update & Security> Windows Update.Then click “Check for updates.”

You can also check your Windows 10 version in the form. Settings> System> AboutThe operating system version number is listed under “Windows Specifications”

Insider Build 2187 (or October 2021 Update later this year) is the only requirement for Rapid HPD fixes.Once installed, you will no longer experience desktop hack issues while using the display. Multiple screens


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