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This is how the Pixel 5 photo looks underwater. [Gallery]

This week, as part of March’s Drop Pixel feature, Google introduced a deep integration between the Pixel phone and its underwater camera case.Now, Google has shared the first images of marine life captured on the Pixel 5.

Thanks to the new Dive Case Connector app, it’s now easier than ever to take pictures with the Google Camera app on your Pixel phone thanks to the controls integrated into the Kraken Sports underwater case.

The promise of taking pictures underwater sounds incredible, especially as beaches and other public spaces are scheduled to open again this year in a number of locations. However, not everyone is willing to cut more than $ 300 for if Google is confident the results are worth it.

To help convince potential buyers, Made by Google took to Twitter to share an example of what to expect from a picture taken with the Pixel 5 while underwater.

  Underwater photos of bright yellow fish captured with Pixel 5 and Kraken case.

Although the image does not have a resolution near the full But the results are still remarkably beautiful, as they were shot with a more smartphone than any special camera device.

As noted in the footnote for each image, the underwater images shown today were all shot on a Pixel 5 using the Kraken KRH03 or KRH04 universal case, the case should fit all Pixel phones and the docking app will work. On all Pixel phones on Android 11 or later, including Pixel 2.

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