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This is the Crab Walk in Action in Traffic of the GMC Hummer EV.

Crab Hummer walks in traffic

Michael Fletcher / Instagram

The upcoming GMC Hummer EV features a colossal mix of size and all-electric power. But its most unique feature is what makes it a little more agile. We just took a closer look at what it is like in real life.

The “Crab Mode”, also known as the Crab Walk, is designed to use the Hummer line’s four-wheel steering system and electric power to move diagonally from a standstill, with all four wheels spinning toward the upper point. The same trajectory and moving forward regardless Location of the car itself Theoretically, it is an off-road feature designed to increase maneuverability in situations that are already predetermined to be king of the path. In practice, it can also serve as an interesting and unnecessary way to show off the Hummer EV’s amazing feature set in traffic.

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This video, originally shot by Instagram user Michael H. Fletcher and shared by Hummer’s specialist shop Mod Mafia, shows a pre-production GMC Hummer EV truck. (Model with pickup bed differs slightly from the smaller Hummer EV SUV) that used this feature in stop-and-drive traffic after a long day of off-road testing. This feature doesn’t seem to serve any meaningful purpose, but the car can move at odd diagonal traffic speeds, with paved pacing.

The eyes flicker, but that’s part of the goal. The Hummer EV has real mobility like no other on the road. If the trucks have them, maybe try the equipment.

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