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‘This Is Us’ Conclusion: Season 5, Episode 11 – ‘Both Can Be Real’

It’s time for us as a whole This is us The audience gave Miguel Rivas a break.

Of course, it was fun to poke him. I’ve done this more than once. But Rebecca’s husband has repeatedly made appearances, very attentive and getting things done – half the time he did so with a ’70s blowout that would make Farrah Fawcett. jealous

This week’s episode was not a show for Jack’s best friend, as it was a reminder that he wasn’t waiting for Jack to kick it so he could hover in and have a romance with grieving Rebecca. But he̵

7;s a nice guy who eases the tension between Daddy Pearson and Rebecca on the day Rebecca and Jack got engaged, and he loves small plates!

Read on to see the highlights of “both things can be real”.

Who is the best man? (Part 1) In flashbacks, Jack prepares to ask Rebecca to marry him. He has big plans to turn her apartment into a carnival – complete with apples, candy and twinkling lights – to rebuild their first date. Miguel helped him prepare the venue and encouraged him to practice the proposal which included props. Everything went smoothly… until Jack put Rebecca’s ring on Miguel’s Pinky and it got stuck.

Of course, that was the time when Rebecca’s father showed up to tell Jack himself that even though he hadn’t blessed the marriage. But he will do his best to be a civilian. Jack prepared to accept. But Miguel is not there. “That’s not good enough,” he said, giving a speech about what the great Jack is and how much he has done to make himself a better partner for Rebecca. Ka And if Mr. Malone can’t bless the union, “it says more about you than I think about him,” Rebecca’s father seems to reconsider, then announces that he knows the secret to removing that ring. Related to dental floss

This is our summary of Season 5, Episode 12.Who is the best man? (Part 2) | Kevin wants to wish Randall to be his best man. But he couldn’t seem to write an email asking him to do so. Meanwhile, Kevin and Madison’s planning for Miguel’s dinner upset Nicky who stepped in and said he wanted to help. What he really wanted to do was snipe Miguel about how he stole Rebecca after Jack’s death. “It didn’t sit with me,” Nicky said. His life replaced me with you and you came in, you hovered in and married his wife.

For the second time now, Miguel will not interfere with nonsense. He pointed out that he and Rebecca were married 13 years after Jack’s death. And while he was on the topic: “There is only one person I owe and have an explanation and that is the only person I can never give. I’m definitely not owed to you. “

Nicky later called to apologize, and Miguel made it clear, “He’s never replaced Mr. Nicky.” He added that Jack asked him to stand up at his wedding, but “he couldn’t call me”. His best man, because I think somewhere deep, he’s helping you. “You guys, I think these two will become friends!

Kevin calls Randall, unaware that his brother spends part of the day in group therapy that has had a profound impact on transgender adoption. Still, Randall is delighted to be Kevin’s best man. But it’s still not ready for THE TALK that they extinguish the night the babies are born, Kev totally understands, rather than recommending them to exist once they have been vaccinated.This surprised Randall, but he immediately agreed.

this-is-us-recap-season-5-episode-12 I can have Dance all night long | Kate starts a new job at school. But her colleagues (Immediate chief?) Philip (played by You are the worstChris Geere) was less impressed with her. He made it clear that she was not qualified for the job and was not at the top of his list. But with someone taller, it made it clear that she was about to get the title. But when she helped the young singer perform “I Could Have Danced All Night” by telling her story. My Fair LadyPhilip looked slightly impressed.

this-is-us-recap-season-5-episode-12 STUMBLING OVER NEW GROUND Alex, who is more than a friend of Tess, enters. But when Beth catches them at the same time (with the door closed!), She asks them to come downstairs and study on the sofa. Tess calls her mother a “psychopath” and Beth sends Alex home. It all started with an argument that Tess made her mother so awkward not being able to easily leave a different fantasies about Tess growing up and marrying a man Beth was devastated by her mother she thought she would let go. All of that goes, “it is more than just letting go You have to adapt, ”said Mama C, tenderly saying that Beth adapts more quickly than later.“ Time is precious. You blink and your daughter grows up and you are obsessed with her home trying not to adapt. For 20 years “

When Beth tried to smooth out Tess later, Tess twisted the knife in a way that only a teenager could. “I know you are trying. I still know you can’t have “It made me sad.” And when Beth insisted that they were still nearby and things weren’t so bad, Tess said “OK Mom” ​​like that. “Okay Boomer,” which is equally upset and angry.

Case of the past By the end of the episode, we see three people pick up a gossip magazine with Kevin and Madison’s engagement news on the cover, and they’re all the women Kevin has dated and / or hooked up to: Soe. Eey Cassidy (who came back in the last episode, so little surprise) and Sophie of the three, only Sophie looked a little wistful as she announced.

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