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‘This Is Us’ Star Sterling K. Brown on Randall’s ‘Miracle’ Lake and What He Might Not Tell Rebecca

(Warning: This post contains spoilers for Tuesday’s “This Is Us”.)

After hearing about the life of her biological mother, Laurel DuBois, on tonight’s episode of “This Is Us,” Randall Pearson (Sterling K. Brown) experienced a screaming out screaming mid-lake in New Orleans, something that fans learned herself making laurels when she overcame the mood. And during Randall’s loud night swim, he confronts his biological mother in a scene that Brown thinks was not in Randall’s mind – or absinthe. Nant, although Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) is still joking about Alcohol One – it’s a real spiritual moment.

“I chose to view it as a miracle,”

; Brown told TheWrap. [played by Vien Hong] Asked Randall if he was spiritual, and Randall said, ‘If I couldn’t see, taste, touch, touch, or hear, it wouldn’t exist.’ So I think this is a real transcendence moment that he allows. Let something beyond his physical senses penetrate I felt like I met his mother this time, I truly understood and represented the possibility that something was beyond tangible. ”

Randall’s confrontation with Laurel was both in a younger form. (Played by Jennifer C.

“In my opinion, and this doesn’t have to be grounded with anyone, he had the opportunity to hear ‘I love you’ from his mother, and he had the opportunity to speak back to her,” Brown said. “And that’s why he’s so light. That’s why, at the end of this episode, he willing and wants to let go of all the bad things between him and his brother Kevin. [played by Justin Hartley]Because he knows that there is more to it I think that’s the first time in the context of a show where Randall has a real spiritual moment. ”

Now, when it comes to filming the lake scenes, that wasn’t a spiritual moment for Brown, who worked closely with the episode’s director and co-writer, Kay O Ye Geun, to highlight them. A

“While we were basically filming the lake scene, I had to shoot twice because I was with Jennifer and I with Angela and they weren’t sure who to use the footage and they wanted. There is an option to Use both, ”says Brown.“ I think they are really cute together. But we’re going to shoot this scene and I’m going to scream my head off. I’m like, ‘How many times am I going to do this, Kay?’ And she’s like. ‘Almost done, Brown. It’s almost done. ‘After a few of them, you will come and see me and go. ‘Poor Randall,’ I was like, ‘You write this! Why are you looking at me! ‘ (laugh)

To go into the water drainage miracle, Randall had to sit and read Hai’s life story of Laurel, one that he was not immediately interested in, as his interest was to find out what happened after his biological father William. Of he thought she had died Of heroin overdose after childbirth in an apartment in Pittsburgh

But Hai once told Randall she was brought back to life by doctors after William left with baby Randall – and then she was taken to hospital for possession. Drugs and William could not be reached before being sentenced to five years in California prison – Randall began listening.

“The difference is that until that point, he really missed his mother in the light of her life that influenced him, right?” Brown says. “She’s a side character in his story that many people think. That we are at the center of our own story Until he realized ‘Oh, Cook has repercussions of her actions,’ and by virtue of her darkness, it could have been a greater repercussion if she were not black. She doesn’t just go to jail But she is still in prison for five years on the other side of the country. ”

He continued: “And it was during this time that he realized that ‘Okay, maybe I’ll just sit down and listen to her story. And her story is important because she lives. Not just because of my relationship or interaction with me. But this is an opportunity to learn about the people who have contributed to my existence and I need to know that. Not just because of what they affect me. But because I should be curious about that as well.

“When he can sit and listen without worrying about the whole thing, he gets what he wants,” explains Brown, “because part of Randall’s story is. ‘Only two people who ignore me, who do not appreciate anything in me, have given up on me and are absent from my life,’ and now he knows that is not true. This kind of story he creates in his mind is more multidimensional, and he’s actually the product of love by two lovers who have very badly conspired situations. ”

By now, you may be wondering if Randall plans to tell his mom Rebecca (Mandy Moore) about everything he has just learned about Laurel, or if he thinks it might be too much for her since she’s in the early stages. Of Alzheimer’s disease

“I don’t know, that’s my honest response,” Brown said with a laugh, “but we have a diminished level of Rebecca, and I think there’s a question Randall asked himself in. In terms of what’s really important that his mom knows about their relationship during this time? Is there anything she needs to answer or correct? I think at this time the answer is no. He was in a lot of pain and anger and frustration when he thought she had refused his access to the relationship. [with William] That may be useful in his life I think he will go to bed right? “

He added: “ I think if he found a way he could share with her and in what she could see it was not an indictment about her as a parent that he would. I think if he felt that you might feel any guilt, he would keep it to himself. And that’s okay because now the most important thing is that she is enjoying the quality of her life the highest quality time as long as possible. I don’t think he’s interested in confronting her with things that might make her unhappy. Actually, I think you are cool with that. That’s my two cents. Now you’ll see a later episode where Randall goes to Rebecca Town for example. ‘How dare you!’ (laugh) But that’s what I think now. “

“This Is Us” airs Tuesdays at 9 / 8c on NBC.

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