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This is what fans think Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘driving license’ is all about.

It’s a little confusing and it’s all guesswork but Billboard Come here to break down what fans think “driving license” is and why. Buckle up and see below.

Who are you related to?

Rodrigo, 17, starred alongside 20-year-old Joshua Bassett on Disney +. High School Musical: The Musical: The SeriesAnd the two are rumored to be dating in real life.

What happened?

In August 2020, Bassett was seen having lunch with 21-year-old Sabrina Karpenter, the singer famous for her role as Maya on the Disney Channel. Girl Meets WorldSabrina’s sister Sarah was also in attendance.

On Halloween 2020, Bassett and Carpenter dressed up as a Shark Boy and Lava Girl and made TikTok about it, proving that at least they were friends and sparked rumors of a couple. (Although they never confirmed it)

The lyrical reference to the situation?

TikTok user Kaiya Olsen broke the subtleties of “Drivers License”

; after it was released, referring to the lyrics for the first time. “And you may be with that blonde / who always makes me wonder / She is much older than me / She is my everything.” Unsafe. “

Sabrina is 21 (four years older than Rodrigo) and blonde.

In an earlier version of the song, Rodrigo posted on Instagram in July 2020, the lyrics refer to the “brunette” girl, fans are starting to speculate that the change has to do with Bassett’s take. Together with Carpenter?

Olsen then got into the opening lyrics: “I got my driver’s license last week / like we always talked about.”

In a social media video from LeBlanc Updates on YouTube, Rodrigo recounts Bassett’s driving practice in her car before she was licensed, and the moment after the pair found the song they co-wrote, “Just for a Moment is used in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series“We celebrated and went to In-N-Out and I couldn’t really drive. I was 16, but I didn’t have a license,” she said. Parking in-N-Out and that was the first time I drove. “

Finally a heartbreaking song of the chorus “Guess you didn’t mean what you wrote in that song about me,” there was an internet detective looking for references to Rodrigo in Bassett’s previously released songs.

In July, Bassett released a sweet love song called “Anyone” with lyrics. “How should I think about something else? / How can I keep this to myself? / Am I done pretending to be someone else?” The fans immediately recalled Rodrigo.

Again, nothing is confirmed about the love triangle in 2021, so we have to wait to see if Rodrigo, Bassett or Carpenter have to say about this speculation.

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