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This NJ woman received the J&J COVID vaccine a week later she had a blood clot in her lungs.

The doctor ran from the urgent care center, headed for Ellen Whitney’s car.

The worried expression on her face and her wake-up voice said this was serious.

“Go to the emergency room now,” Dr. Rebecca Vargese told Whitney as she sat outside Montvale’s infirmary.

Just a little over a week after a 62-year-old Hillsdale woman received the Johnson & Johnson strain of the coronavirus at Hackensack University Medical Center. She had a little discomfort and pain on her right side.

Varghese, owner of Lifeline Urgent Care, examined Whitney̵

7;s vitality in the parking lot and sent her to the emergency department.

“She had shortness of breath and she looked worried. And her heart rate was very fast. … Vital signs are inconsistent, ”Varghese said.

Doctors suspect that Whitney had a pulmonary embolism – pulmonary embolism.

Soon, Varghese was proven to be correct. Whitney was among the rare to develop blood clotting problems after receiving a vaccine from the New Brunswick pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson. She stated

At least 28 people nationwide developed a coagulation disorder characterized by thrombocytopenia (TTS) among 9 million people who received the J&J vaccine, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Wednesday. Three people have died.

The CDC said most cases were among women ages 18 to 49, with only six involving men.

The agency has reported just 17 cases of coagulation as of April 25.

Johnson & Johnson’s vaccination was discontinued last month so the problem can be investigated. The suspension was abolished 10 days later by the CDC and the Food and Drug Administration after an independent advisory panel suggested the drug’s benefits outweigh its risks.

However, the CDC said on Wednesday the evidence. “Point out a possible causal relationship” between the vaccine and the TTS. Dr. Tom Shimabukuro, head of the CDC’s COVID-19 vaccine safety review, said TTS developed three to 15 days after treatment. Vaccine

It’s just bad news for Johnson & Johnson.

Despite the attractiveness of the single-dose options, the J&J vaccine was found to be 66% effective in clinical trials, compared with approximately 95% efficacy for the Moderna and Pfizer / BioNTech two-dose images. Get vaccinated, say they do not want to receive J&J vaccines because of safety concerns.

And there are still several “successful cases” linked to the Johnson & Johnson shooting in which people were vaccinated. The New York Yankees announced this week that eight members of their organization contracted the virus despite being vaccinated against SI.com last month.The team received 85% of the vaccine. Of players, coaches and staff Reports indicate that most of the J&J have been fired.

Varghese thought a blood clot might have been the culprit in Whitney’s case, as she had received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

“That’s the first thing she said,” Varghese said.

Combined with her vitality, the doctors knew it was an emergency. The gravity of Varghese’s concerns surprised Whitney, who was unaware that she was facing life-threatening problems as she sat in the car with her husband Peter Elliott, 59.

“What I think is amazing is that they didn’t even let us in,” she said.

Whitney, a graphic designer for the West Essex Tribune, received a single dose of Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine on April 11.About a week later, she started to feel a little sick. She had the general illness, a pain in her right side, and while she was not struggling to breathe, “it hurt when taking a deep breath,” she said.

“On my right hand, like under the rib, I feel pain,” Whitney said. “Not bad pain, not enough to do anything for it. But I just noticed it. “

The symptoms seemed mild, and at the time there were no reports linking Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine to blood clots, but the following week, when her symptoms began, patients began to show up.

She was not alarmed to read the report. But worries creep in, she never fights serious disease, has nothing to do with blood clots.

“I thought, ‘Maybe I will have a reaction,'” Whitney said.

She added later, “I don’t have any heart problems. I have no problems with my lungs. … I don’t have diabetes. I have nothing. “

Ellen Whitney

Ellen Whitney and her husband Peter Elliott, Whitney, were hospitalized in April with a pulmonary embolism about a week after receiving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

By April 21, she was still unwell and decided to make an appointment at an urgent care center.

“My husband said ‘Go see a doctor,’ she said.

Whitney soon learned she had blood clots in both lungs – as a vaccine, doctors at The Valley Hospital in Ridgewood told her. One of her lungs also collapsed.

The hospital reported Whitney’s case to the CDC.

“And the CDC has contacted me,” Whitney said of her case with the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), co-managed by the CDC and the FDA.

The state of New Jersey has not followed up on TTS cases linked to intra-state vaccines, according to Donna Leusner, the Department of Health’s communications director.

“Among the individuals reported to the Federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), we know that there is a New Jersey woman between the ages of 18-50 who meets the definition of vaccine adverse events (VAERS). Thromboembolic with thrombocytopenia, or TTS, in the email “For reasons of medical privacy, the Department of Health will not provide any further details.”

Whitney was not in much danger as she was admitted early, but she had determined what would happen if she didn’t think proactively.

“What if I didn’t get urgent care?” She said.

From the express parking lot, she and her husband headed towards The Valley Hospital. They arrived a little after noon.

“I was there for 10 hours (in testing) and they scanned the CAT, they did … X-ray, they did everything,” says Whitney. Scan the CAT and they say ‘You have pulmonary embolism in both lungs’

“They gave me blood thinner immediately and accepted me.”

She will spend five days in the hospital.

“We’ve seen this,” one doctor told her, referring to seeing a reaction to Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine. At least two doctors said to her they had recently seen a patient with a pulmonary embolism after receiving a J&J injection.

“’This is from a vaccine.’ That’s what the doctor said to me. “This is from a vaccine,” Whitney said.

She put in oxygen and gave Eliquis, a blood thinner.

“I was experiencing pain on my right side,” Whitney said, “and I started having symptoms – they called it muscle aches, aches in different parts of the body. And my legs felt weird, so they rushed down and gave my leg a sonogram to check for blood clots in the veins. ”

The pain on her right worsened for a day or two, and she was treated with morphine. Doctors estimate that she has a liquid in her buttocks, which her body eventually absorbs.

Whitney continued to have blood thinner and recovered.

Her swift action and Varghese’s hasty response allowed doctors to catch a pulmonary embolism very quickly.

Whitney emphasized that she was a pro vaccine. But she wanted to raise awareness in the event anyone who was filmed for Johnson & Johnson had similar symptoms.

What worries her is whether or not she will have to deal with blood clots for the rest of her life. It’s too early to know, the doctor told her.

“This is uncontrolled water. We don’t know what are these strange side effects from vaccines, ”a pulmonologist told her.“ We just don’t know. ”

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