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Thomas Davis Announces His Homecoming Retirement

Davis started his career when he was injured in 2009, but the defeat between the mini-camp in 2010 and the second week in 2011 drove his future career uncertain. After all, no one does what he tries to do.

What he did was return as a more complete substitute – a craftsman instead of just a single athlete, a man with more knowledge of the game to make up for everything he had physically lost.

It is fitting that his three Pro Bowl docks and the All-Pro awards both received after injuries – and they weren̵

7;t the only sympathetic votes. Outside defense players in 4-3 defense were often lagged in recognition as they did not have the flashy sack numbers of the match 3-4, but what Davis did in his second act was. Not to be ignored

He’s back. All the way back.

And on March 11, he will return again.

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