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Those who announced about treatment ‘Science in the heart’ has to follow its own advice.

Even if someone has signed the letter lancet Given there are no conflicts of interest, it appears that Peter Daszak, the signatory and campaign coordinator, is clearly a stakeholder.

This person was conducting external coronavirus research funded by the US government for WIH (Wuhan Institute of Virology).

Further appearing is that the person is also on the WHO’s committee, visiting Wuhan as part of an international investigation to understand more about the virus’s origins.

The second letter, published a month later, said: “Our analysis clearly shows that SARS-CoV-2 is not a laboratory structure or a deliberately manipulated virus..

Although this letter does provide some caveats, however, as Wade points out, what the slant shows.

Did humans create the Covid-1
9 virus?

The Covid-19 virus appears to have been created by humans and Wade provides indisputable evidence that it is a conspiracy.

However, with accreditation from and in most prestigious journals sorting out the big names in virology as signatories, scholars who want to explore the theory of the lab’s origin are silent for fear of their careers.

It turns out from Wade’s article that the virus has been prepared to attack humans with pre-programmed ferocity.

He also presented a technique that was known and established that it did not leave any traces of embellishments.

Wade also shared an interview by Peter Daszak on YouTube where he talks about dealing with these viruses and how these new strains can evade existing treatments and vaccines as part of his research at WIH. Is an important element

Techniques for engineering these viruses to attack other strains have been taught by Dr. Ralph Barick of the University of North Carolina, USA, to Dr. Shi Zheng Li, the ‘Bat Woman’ of Wuhan, at the center of all events and evident by She has been absent for several months.

Wade informs that what Shi intends to do is “Creates the new coronavirus with the highest infection in human cells “.

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