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Thousands of Veterans Can Get COVID-19 Vaccine Through VA | Instantly.

St. Louis (KMOV.com) – Thousands of veterans in the St. Louis area qualify for the COVID-19 vaccine.

According to the authorities, St. Louis VA registered veterans who are 65 years or older or veterans of any age with illness or illness can make an appointment to receive the vaccine.

Although veterans are required to register with St. Louis VA, they do not need to be taken seriously. Chuck Von Bokel and his brother Marty, both served in the Vietnam War, and after several phone calls were able to make an appointment to You can get the COVID-1

9 vaccine on Friday.

“I didn’t think I had it until May or June, so when I realized I had it on Friday, I was dancing happily all day,” Chuck said.

Dr. Patricia McKellevie, a primary care physician in St. Louis, Virginia, said they started vaccinating inpatient veterans last week.

Monday they started vaccinating to qualified outpatient veterans. The vaccine is administered at Jefferson Barracks and from Thursday it will be presented at the VA Clinic at 2727 Washington Avenue in downtown St.

“The response sometimes overwhelms our phone systems, so we try to increase the number of channels veterans can communicate with us,” McKelvy said.

Instead of calling McKelvy, ask veterans to email them. stlcovidvetvaccine@VA.gov To make an appointment She said they are working on vaccinations for all veterans who need the vaccine. For veterans who are currently unqualified, McKelvy said the VA will send them a letter when their turn to receive the vaccine.

She said they are working to extend their hours at the clinic and schedule appointments over the weekend to ensure they are vaccinated to all veterans who need them.

“Our goal is to vaccinate all veterans,” McKelvy said. “That’s our exaggerated goal of vaccinating everyone who wants to be vaccinated, and we’re doing everything we can to make it happen. up”

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