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Threats of ‘armed protest’ in many cities challenge National Guard support for inauguration

Nearby states may need to reserve members of the National Guard to protect their facilities and personnel, which may limit the ability of the Department of Defense, which oversees the DC National Guard, to call upon them. Additional help

“We are not going to pull too much from their states and put them at risk, so a very sensitive risk management process is underway,” Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy said in an interview.

Capitol police appealed for help on Jan. 6 as pro-Trump rioters raided the Capitol, while Pentagon officials said inadequate planning meant they could not immediately respond. As part of an effort to ensure a stronger military response, officials plan to station up to 1

5,000 or more guards members – in and around the nation’s capital.

McCarthy had to meet with senior officials from the FBI, the Secret Service and other agencies to finalize the plan on Tuesday afternoon. Starting Wednesday, Guard members will be participating in security drills, which show the stakes skyrocketing surrounding the launch concerned about the coronavirus outbreak and the threat of violence. By supporters of President Trump

The Pentagon’s attempt to alter its stance before more planned protests underscores the attempted rebalancing that was sometimes unsuccessful in recent months. Defense officials have sought to avoid the charged election politics and address the awkward reality that their commander-in-chief has used a more aggressive tactic to overthrow the 2020 election.

In an unusual public statement on Tuesday, Joint Chief of Staff Gen. Mark A. Milley and other top military leaders admitted that Biden’s rise to the presidency was imminent and called the riot ` “Direct attacks on the US Congress, the Capitol. And our constitutional process “

“We support and defend the Constitution,” the co-head of the military’s highest level of officers from each agency said in a statement. It’s illegal. “

The co-chief also insisted that Biden will take over as the 46th commander in chief and urged its members to serve in reflecting the national ideology. The message came after several rioters became veterans.

Unlike in the summer when the Pentagon was charged for engaging in an overly aggressive response to protests over racism and violence by the Defense Department last week, it was accused of failing. In the rescue from overwhelmed local officials as chaos engulfs Capitol Hill.

Officials from the National Police and the DC government said the Pentagon was slowly responding to urgent requests for military assistance and initially denied aid other than the small escort forces that oversee the stop. traffic Meanwhile, Pentagon officials have blamed the National Police Agency and DC Mayor Muriel E.Bowser (D) for not requesting adequate assistance ahead of time and part-time soldiers were expected to appear immediately.

Even as the defamation continued, Pentagon officials fined the decision a second time in a year for the DC National Guard in the hope of a swift response. Unlike on January 6, when Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher C. Miller had to sign on to enable additional DC Guard members, McCarthy will now have the ability to hire Guard personnel and equipment as seen. Deserving without having to be signed at a higher level.

Because Washington, D.C. is not a president, serves as the commander in chief of the DC Guard, just like the governors do elsewhere. Under an executive order in 1969, the President delegates that power to the Secretary of Defense, who will later assign it. In recent history, the secretary of the army served as the commander of the guards.

That was the case in June when a DC Guard member in hand as a federal uniformed officer wiped out crowds of protesters and the DC Guard helicopters flew dangerously low on protesters.

After the June incident, “we have to have stricter left and right restrictions on this kind of activity next time,” McCarthy said, referring to the restrictions Congress imposed on military use this month.

The Department of Defense is leaning forward to provide everything it can, McCarthy said.

“The key to us is that if certain capabilities are requested and we can legally provide them,” McCarthy said, “we will do whatever we need to do to support this inclusion.”

While Trump was stripped of his platform on Twitter, making indirect reference only to his election loss, the FBI warned intelligence agencies that it said. A “armed protest” could take place in all 50 states as his supporters try to get him to hold office.

Michigan city officials have asked Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) to activate that state’s National Guard ahead of the Capitol planned protests.Conservative protests have shaken Michigan for months, culminating with a kidnapping scheme. Whitmer

“Michigan has had a rehearsal now,” said Lansing City Council President Peter Spadafour. “When people tell you in advance they will use violence, we should accept them based on their words.”

In Washington State, Gov. Jay Inslee (D) empowered 750 Guard members to support law enforcement to protect the Capitol.

Pentagon officials suggest that more Guard will be enabled in the coming days.As DC’s relatively young Guard is trying to prepare for additional violence, it is being joined by authorities from states such as New Jersey. Jersey, Maryland, Virginia and Minnesota They may be staying in both hotels in Washington and in military installations.

Pentagon officials said that prior to the Jan. 6 protests that began with a rally Trump spoke near the White House and culminated in a breach of government agencies, they had not received the specified intelligence. Whether there will be massive or violent protests

The Department of Defense does not conduct domestic surveillance or monitor non-military threats, meaning it relies on federal law enforcement.

Pushing for confirmation from officials including Bowser and Steven Sund, who stepped down after an uprising from the McCarthy state police chief, denied the Pentagon was suspended for his loyalty to Trump. He said the Pentagon responded to requests from the city and state agency police requesting a limited and unarmed role in the National Guard.

That suddenly changed as the rioters gathered at the town hall. “When the line started coming in, everything was under threat. It’s very challenging to understand, ”McCarthy said.“ Nobody can say for sure what’s going on. ”

When shocking images began to appear, “We ran down the hallway at the Pentagon. We tried to tackle this, ”McCarthy said,“ and when we moved, we moved as fast as we could from the start of the evening, not configured to react. ”

A second defense official stressed that federal law enforcement was better placed to clean up the Parliament building than members of the DC Guard.

“It would be a terrible job to get the guards to try and clear those buildings,” said a second official, referring to the condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the problem. Earn a living. Some challenges may arise. ”The Guard later helped federal and local law enforcement agencies create boundaries around the city hall and its territory.

Officers acknowledge the right-wing trend in the military. A second defense official said the army was trying to resolve the issue before preparations for the administration. But officials also said they would not be able to screen all members of the National Guard in connection with extremism, as some lawmakers requested.

Alex Horton contributed to this report.

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