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Three people die after a Metra train headed to Chicago from a Joliet car that strikes.

Metra officials said three people were killed after a train collided with a vehicle on Sunday June 27 (Image: Bronagh Tumulty)

CHICAGO – Metra officials told WGN that a train heading to Chicago from Joliet crashed into cars at 103rd and Vincennes on Sunday.

According to Metra officials, three people were killed in a collision that occurred around 5 p.m., the fire department told WGN that the accident killed two adults and a child.

41 passengers were on the train at the time of the accident, but no passengers were hurt.

“We were cruising along when I felt it twitch,” said passenger Jamie Smith. “The lights went off, you could hear the screams at first. it’s like ‘What’s going on?’ You will then see smoke drifting through the window. you can smell it We can still hear that scream and you can tell that something isn’t right.”

Nisa Clark, a passenger describing the encounter, said: She felt the impact of the train colliding with the car.

“The train jumped forward. We didn’t know what was going on,” she said. “We looked out the window. It’s a cloud of smoke This guy came and he said the train hit the car.”

Officials said the engineer was injured. He was taken to Little Company of Mary Hospital in good condition.

The metro car in front derailed due to impact. The official added

Greg Smalls said he was sitting in the train’s third car when he heard, “The driver blows the trumpet. Trying to get the people on the rails out of the way.”

“Unfortunately they couldn’t beat him,” Smalls added. “This is the result of it.”

Smalls said this was the second time he had been on a train where a collision resulted in his death.

“I just want people to know. You’re not going to hit the train,” he said. “Hang up your phone. Focus. I don’t care who you think you are. You’re not going to win.”

This is an evolving story, stay with WGN for updates.

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