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Three people follow the Nebraska Baseball Regional Draw in Arkansas.

Here are three after Nebraska’s NCAA tournament draws in Arkansas. Husker plant seeds No. 2 (31-12), open against No. 3, Isaan seeds (36-10) Friday at 19.00.

– Nebraska has a bad deal and there’s no other way to say it.

Several months of NCAA regional predictions put Nebraska to No. 1 in Arkansas, however the Huskers are among the hottest teams in the country, and the hope is that the Big Red plays themselves from being sent to. Top Razorbacks

Within minutes after ESPN announced the bracket in the live qualifiers, the Huskers learned their fate.

After winning 31 games on every league table, Nebraska’s prize was a trip to Fayetteville.

What is it at this point? The NCAA Selection Committee did something similar to the Big Ten Michigan softball champions. They sent Wolverine to Pac-12 Power Washington, on the other side of the nation’s No. 1 ranking at Oklahoma.

In some ways, the committee does the same for the Huskers.

“I really don’t know what’s going to happen,” said head coach Will Bolt. “The only thing I expect is to see our names. We know that is going to happen. Other than that, I really don’t know. I know we are very excited. ”

You can also argue that the Big Ten’s two other NCAA tournament teams – Michigan and Maryland will pull better than the Huskers.The Wolverines are in the Notre Dame region, while the Terps will play in East Carolina.

Geographical location also plays an important role in these decisions. If you can get to your region, it will save you money.The NCAA, Maryland, is 7.5 hours from Greenville, SC and 3 hours from South Bend, and Nebraska is just 7 hours away. Arkansas

In my opinion, transportation plays a role as much as the regional Big Ten pull.Still, it makes you wonder if the Big Ten will only allow five or six outside of the convention games, or whether it will make a difference. What Kinds To Help Huskers Have A Opportunity To Host?

Assistant Coach Lance Harwell (left) and head coach Will Bolt (right) watch the NCAA Regional Selection Show.

Assistant Coach Lance Harwell (left) and head coach Will Bolt (right) watch the NCAA Regional Selection Show (Sean Callahan).

2 – Don’t expect Bolt to tinker with his spin too much.

I know it comes from an outsider’s point of view, it is very easy to play fantasy baseball manager and help the Escape Powich on Saturday, assuming Husker takes care of business with the Northeast on Friday.

However, it’s a lot more complicated from Bolt’s point of view.

Indeed, after speaking with Bolt on and off camera on Monday, I fully expect him to keep things close with his pitching spin.Povich and Chance Hroch are Friday-Saturday people. Throughout the season, while Kyle Perry and Shay Shanaman are flexible on Sunday.

“In the beginning we did one thing all year,” Bolt said. “Powich has been our Friday man all year. Northeast has a great team. I think we won’t be doing too many different things this weekend. ”

Plus, if NU threw Hroch on Friday, that would be a short break. The only time that happened this season, the start was not going well for him.

3 – Lots of storylines in Fayetteville this weekend for Nebraska.

More than 20 years ago, I remember interviewing Bolt after his regional win over Northern Iowa in Lincoln when he performed for Dave Van Horn.

As soon as 2021, Bolt will coach Van Horn at the regional level. It didn’t take long for Bolt’s phone to start ringing on Monday.

“I already have a few phones,” Bolt said of the message. ‘They have a match,’ sending Nebraska to Arkansas, at least a lot of my former teammates, felt like it happened.

NU heads to Fayetteville as Big Ten champion this weekend.Bolt has the Huskers playing best baseball since 2008, the last time NU hosted NCAA regionally.

What’s interesting about this past weekend in Lincoln is that no special trophy ceremony was gathered in the stadium to celebrate the Big Ten season championship.

You can look at it in a number of ways. But Bolt told me there was no need for a two-trophy celebration and they wanted all of the focus to go to Michigan.

“We didn’t do a trophy presentation because we had the trophies out there and were honored and celebrated,” Bolt said. “I want our focus to Michigan last weekend. Even after the meeting has ended But it’s still an important weekend for us to keep playing well and paying more attention to them.

“It is more than ‘Let it go.’ We are next week. ‘

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