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Three things we learned about the Sixers in an exciting OT win against Miami.

Joel Embiid performed another MVP in the Sixers winning Miami.

With the two roster drastically exhausted due to the NBA’s health and safety regulations, the Sixers and Heat clashed Tuesday in a game somewhat similar to a warm-up shot at times. Tobias Harris and Seth Curry, and the heat lacks two All-Stars: Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo.

When Butler and Bam are different, the general consensus is that Sixers should sail to their eighth victory of the season. However, that’s not really the case. The game went on to overtime with the last few matches coming from both sides.Philly eventually walked away victorious (137-134) and there were three key points to mention:

Joel Embiid still looks like an MVP.

Joel Embiid was the first front runner to win the league̵

7;s MVP through the first two games before missing due to a missed action. However, after an outstanding performance with Miami, he pulled his name back into that conversation.

Embiid finished the evening with 45 points, 16 rebounds, five hits, 4 assists and was 13-13 from the perfect free-throw line.He missed just seven hits throughout the game and knocked the jumper at Bind the game to pass the game into extra time.

It’s worth noting that Heat doesn’t have a single active center during the game. But it was an outstanding performance from JoJo regardless.

Danny Green is in the Sixers history book.

After a horrible performance against the Hawks without him hitting a single shot, Danny Green returned to the set tonight for the Sixers, tying the team’s franchise record for the three pointers made in the game.

He dropped three nine points for a total of 29 and 10 rebounds.His football again, with Ben Simmons returning to start tonight, was a big reason for his success. Green is a spot shooter, not a man who catches the ball.

Isaiah Joe and Dakota Mathias proved they belong.

Isaiah Jo fell four-three and had a total of 13 points off the bench and Dakota Mathias was a three-game winner over time.

Mathias also keeps Tyler Herro in possession of the following, with the game on the line forcing the Heat guard into an ugly triple balance that falls off the edge.

It wasn’t crazy from the two kids. But they helped Sixers win tonight and that’s all you can ask them when they say and do everything.

Photo by Kyle Ross / Icon Sportswire

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