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Tim Benz: From his own ‘Tomlinisms’, Mike Tomlin recently failed to meet that ‘standard’.

We all know about “Tomlinisms,” from Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin, his colorful narrative phrase to spin the bite.

Often there is a message to emphasize those words as well. Truths and Lessons Underneath

The problem is, if you judge Tomlin by his own motto, he hasn̵

7;t measured them in the past 10 years.

At least not up to the “standard” that he talks about often. Here are some examples.

Smile in the face of adversity”: When the road is rough, there’s more frowning than smiling Heinzfield in recent years. When things get harder, Steelers have to go …

… From the playoffs

After the 7-2-1 start in 2018, the train began to rock. Tomlin and his players couldn’t keep it on track, they finished 2-4 and missed the playoffs.

The team certainly made a big smile in 2019 when they did 8-3 in their first 11 games after defender Ben Roethlisberger. Injured in week 2 but lost the last three games of the year and missed the playoffs.

Then there was this year’s total collapse after the initial 11-0 Raiders.

“It was a disappointment. I will acknowledge that, ”Tomlin said on Wednesday.“ I will not treat the status quo and hope the results will change. That is the definition of insanity. ”

Watching the last six weeks of this season has gone crazy for Steelers fans. Tomlin had that part right.

We can also talk about failing to smile in the face of adversity in each of the last two post-season games. There were initial fists against the Cleveland Browns this year and the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2017, and Tomlin’s Steelers couldn’t find a way to stop bleeding fast enough in the race.

Both results have been embarrassing to travel.

We are not in our fear.”: Yes, you do it all the time.

That’s why you decide to punt at the Browns’ 38-yard line while going 28-0 down early in the second quarter. Then again on Day 4 and 1, when you follow 35-23 to turn the fourth quarter.

That’s why you don’t let Matthew Wright try to score 45 yards in the fourth quarter against Washington by a 17-17 tie game, or let your struggling run game try to get a yard, but Roethlisberger. Throw a prayer to a newbie who runs back.

You’re in awe of Dallas’ kick-block squad to the point where you avoid late-game scoring attempts that will give your team eight points. But the Cowboys were still down five and almost won the game.

Last year, you feared your own fault and the team returned so badly that you decided to kick the ball out during the eventual loss of Baltimore.

That is the pinnacle of living in your fear.

Steelers fans will now be afraid to finish third or worse in AFC North for the foreseeable future.

High class”: This is the phrase Tomlin uses to describe a player or a team – consistent with the quality of the performance.

They / he may be capable of great things on occasion. But they were never inferior to their winning ability.

I mean, he’s describing himself in practice, isn’t it? Of course, Mike Tomlin never dropped below. 500, he draws between 8-12 wins, and if the team is not in the playoffs, they will be alive in the final two weeks.

Great, this is a concern. We haven’t seen Tomlin shoot the “high ceiling” since 2010. We have seen only one semi-final win in Pittsburgh in a season since.

Despite having many “high ceilings” talent on the roster over the years.

If you have red paint your barn in red.”: I’m pretty sure he stole this one from Dick LeBeau, but that’s okay. I got the picture.

The point is, you make your game plan based on the skill you’re having trouble with, namely the Steelers don’t have enough reds.

When injury or illness happened to Devin Bush, Bud Dupree, James Conner, and Ben Roethlisberger. Over the past two years, it has proven to be just how thin the depths of steelers are. And I think that’s part of the reason we’ve seen a huge drop in the team in December.

When the color starts to peel, Tomlin doesn’t seem to be able to find the right shade of red to patch up the bare spots.

It’s time to find more colors to paint the barn. And since so many barns are going to need to be rebuilt, I’m worried about how much paint Kevin Colbert can afford.

Standard is standard”: We’ll end with a big one.

Mike Tomlin has referred to “standards” as “standard” in the organization since he became the Steelers’ coach in 2007, and in the first few years of teamwork lived up to that belief.

Because the Steelers and the New England Patriots are the only NFL teams to have six Super Bowl trophies, the “standard” in Pittsburgh has been competing for the title over the past 10 years, it feels as if the Steelers have flirted with that high bar. But haven’t reached it often enough

In only two seasons (2015, 2016) the Steelers won a playoff game. As well as the franchise motto of the 1980s (1984, 1989).

Tomlin’s team have never gone as low as their 1980s, but in the decade since Super Bowl XLV, the Steelers have missed the playoffs four and have lost four in their first games with no playoff wins in the game. Four seasons ago

All of them with Roethlisberger In a quarterback for nine years. Which is the biggest difference between comparison with 1980.

According to the “standard” that Tomlin claims to have maintained over the decades, he has not.

“It is our desire to compete,” said Tomlin, “competing and following the World Champions every year. When we begin this process to prepare for 2021, that will be our idea. ”

When looking at the age of Roethlisberger And the dire peak salary situation in this offseason will be even more difficult to achieve next fall.

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