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Tim Cook addresses the Wednesday announcement, Parler, and more.

According to the teaser clip interviewed yesterday CBS this morning Airing a full interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook today, Cook joined Gayle King to talk announcements about Apple’s Racial Equity and Justice Initiative, the decision to launch Parler from the App Store, and more.

We talk:

In addition to a similar decision by Google and Amazon, Apple decided last week to remove right-wing social network Parler from the App Store.Cook explained that Parler had moderation issues, and that if the company opted for a moderation system, it would You can return to the App Store.

Cook: “Parlor has a moderation problem. Examples of violence were instigated there. They need to add more moderation steps. Our hope is that they do that and come back to the store. ”

king: “So can they go back to the store? Can they? “

Cook: “Yes. We withheld them. We didn̵

7;t ban them. “

king: “ As you know, the CEO is raising his rights issue in the First Amendment. What do you say about that concern? “

Cook: “We have a Terms of Service for our App Store and some of the Terms of Service that they violate. What we want is Gayle is that he meets our terms of service. ”

But in addition to Apple removed Parler from the App Store, the service was discontinued by the hosting company Amazon, while Parler found a new host. But the future of the service is not clear.

On the motive behind Apple’s REJI’s Wednesday announcement:

When King asked what motivated him to “pay attention to systematic racism,” Cook pointed out several examples throughout his childhood:

“Obviously, I think anyone who was alive during the time I lived in the 60s and 70s and grew up during that time, you saw it firsthand. When I was five, John Lewis was beaten on the Edmund Pettus Bridge. When I was eight, the Stonewall rebellion took place, both of which changed the course of time and changed the course of my life.

“When you experience them or read about them and apply them to what you see today, there is systematic racism, systemic racism. It won’t go away unless we do something about it. “

He also spoke specifically about the uprising that took place at the United States Capitol last week:

“It was a very sad and shameful day. Maybe like you, I can’t believe what I see either. I feel like I’m in a different form of reality or something. It affects you a lot here. (Seems like my heart) “

“I think it’s the key that people take responsibility for it. This is not something to skate. This is something that we have to take very seriously and understand, and then we have to move on. ”

Cook was eventually asked about his goals for Apple and his goals for the United States in 2021:

For me it’s always the same No matter what year, you must do as you can to help others and enrich their lives. That is Apple’s goal for the country. I hope we enter the stage in our country where we will return to the duality. ”

Lisa Jackson

Apple vice president Lisa Jackson, also joined. CBS this morning To talk about Apple’s newest Racial Equity and Justice Initiative announcements, including the new Atlanta Propel Center.

“HBCU has a history of transforming leaders in our community. The Propel Center will be a place for HBCU students and the surrounding community. It’s a place for Apple and other companies to connect with the HBCU talent pool. We know that talent exists. We know that these students try to do what all students do: drive themselves into a future that Better and better life “

Can watch full clips CBS this morning below.This includes additional comments from Jackson and Cook below.More details on Apple’s REJI announcement can be found in our full report here.

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