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Tim Scott blamed the label ‘Uncle Tim’ for being stubborn, sly.

Sen. Tim Scott, who delivered Republican responses to Biden’s speech to Congress, said on Sunday: “America is not a racist country,” and while both sides of the federal police reform corridor negotiate at Capitol Hill, the goal “is not for Republicans or Democrats to win. But to make the community feel safer and our staff feel respected. ”

Scott, a Republican from South Carolina, also contested an appearance on CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday: “Fighting stubbornness is a sham,” Biden last week called on Congress to pass a police reform bill within a year. The anniversary of George Floyd̵

7;s death, May 25, Scott was the victim of an attack from the left above his argument to the address.

“Personally, I understand the pain of being stopped 18 times while driving while Black,” Scott said and argued. He brought “balance” to the conversation. Take it home with me on Christmas morning to give gifts to the children in the most disadvantaged community. ”

“America is not a racist country,” he insisted, arguing that Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and one of the Democratic House leaders, South Carolina Representative Jim Claiburn, also agreed.

TIM SCOTT enters WHITE HOUSE SPOTLIGHT – and other BUZZ campaigns in 2024.

“The question is, ‘Will there be an ongoing impact after a few centuries of racism and discrimination in this life?’ The answer is absolutely certain. “The senator continued. “The question we should argue and fight against is, how do we go ahead and tackle those problems? On one side I say I’m going to give some of them to others. Fighting bigotry is a sham.”

Scott, who first made a proposal on police reform last summer, said he was more hopeful of a possible change this time around because he now believes the winger. Not looking for problems instead of solutions

“If we can remember, the goal is not for Republicans or Democrats to win. But to make the community feel safer and our staff feel respected, ”Scott told moderator John Dickerson. “If we can achieve those two main goals, the rest will be history.”

He pointed out what the two bills had in common when collecting information and said Democrats and Republicans were closer to each other through negotiations and discussions about the absence of warrants. Works and choking Scott said another issue under discussion was Section 1033, which involved receiving government equipment from the military for local police.

The Republican said he was also encouraged by Democrats on qualifying immunity after proposing that civil prosecution could sue police agencies on behalf of individual officers.

Sign TIM SCOTT discuss law enforcement with brother of GEORGE FLOYD, ADVOCATES.

“But the real question is, how do we change our treatment culture? I think we do that by putting employers accountable for the actions our employees do to doctors, we do that with lawyers, we do that. Our entire industry, ”Scott said,“ and if we do that in law enforcement, employers will change culture, so as opposed to having a single officer change or not, we will have every officer change because of the department. Take that burden rather than “

“As I spoke to family members on Thursday, they were very open to that proposal, because what they were looking for was progress,” Scott added, referring to the meeting. Close his door on Capitol Hill with Ben Crump, a civil rights attorney and Bakari seller, and a black family member who was killed in a number of high-profile cases.

Those cousins ​​include Philonis Floyd, George Floyd’s brother; Alissa Finley, sister of Botham Jean; Tiffany Crutcher, sister of Terence Crutcher; And Gwen Carr, Eric Garner’s mother.

Scott said the conviction of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin in the murder and murder of Floyd, as well as the conviction of former North Charleston police officer Michael Slager in the 2015 shooting of Walter Scott during Stop traffic shows promise for change.

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Senators said Republicans have led the battle for the highest level of funding for Black College in the past to leverage the educational arena in healthcare by tackling sickle cell anemia and the zone. Opportunities to bring resources to poor communities

“We’ll see what we’re seeing: the unemployment rate hit an all-time low for Hispanic African-Americans, which is the lowest in 70 years for women,” he said. Those are really important. “

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