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Timberwolves “Bad” Want to Trade Ben Simmons

From the moment it was clear Ben Simmons could trade this offseason – meaning the minute he squealed in the second playoff game – one floating option was to trade for D’Angelo Russell from the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Apparently, some in Minnesota’s power structure “bad” wanted that to happen, five eyewitnesses reported in Minneapolis, Darren Wolfson reported.


7;m sending a message to someone who knows Ben Simmons very well, who knows everything about the NBA… My message is. ‘How much did the wolf want in exchange for Ben Simmons?’ This person texted me one word: ‘Bad.’”

Wolfson is seen having sources with outgoing Glen Taylor owner group in Minnesota.

Since there is zero chance that Minnesota will send Karl-Anthony Towns away (Philly already has a great center) or a promising young player Anthony Edwards, this trade has to be a Russell for Simmons the two can trade. Financially direct, but Philly wants more back in the trade. Whether the compensation draft or the players they like (Malik Beasley?)

for Minnesota This trade makes sense The Timberwolves need help in the defensive line all around. And Simmons is an elite defender who can defend his point guard through stretches. Simmons was flawed as a playmaker at half court. But only if they can build confidence back up. It was also worth the ball in his hand during the transition, and the Timberwolves played the fifth fastest speed in the NBA last season. The only real question was how the Towns would feel about this trade. He wants Russell in Minnesota, but on paper this should be an upgrade for the Timberwolves looking to advance to the playoffs in the West.

Is it an upgrade for Philly?

They lost a top defender and replaced him with a negative defender. And Russell is the level of pick and roll. Is the half-court shot maker they want? Was the thing Russell offended enough to compensate for what was lost on the other side of the court? Is he vastly better than Tobias Harris as a shot maker?

don’t say never But this is not a trade at Daryl. Morey should be trying to succeed. Also factor in Simmons’ representative – Rich Paul from Klutch Sports – will there be a hefty deal in every deal and is Minnesota where he needs his clients?

It was a rumor that came out. Something to watch But there will be many rumors about Simmons this season.

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