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Timberwolves has a commercial interest in Ben Simmons.

the SixerWhich is deciding what will change this season. Still insisting that they are committed. Ben Simmons In the long run, however, if the 76ers seriously explore Simmons’ potential during this offseason, Timberwolves It is among the teams expected to show interest, Darren Wolfson of SKOR North said on The Scoop (audio link).

“I send a message to someone who knows Ben Simmons very well (and is) knowledgeable about all things NBA.” Wolfson said “My message the other day said. ‘How much did the wolf want in exchange for Ben Simmons?’ This person texted me back with just one word: ‘Aw,’.

“Make no mistake, the Wolves have an interest in Ben Simmons.” Wolfson continued. “… (President of Basketball Operations) Gersson Roses It̵

7;s about to show – or it already has. Go back several months – interested in Ben Simmons.”

as Kurt Helin of NBC Sports wrote. The wolf might not part with Karl-Anthony Towns or Anthony Edwards in any agreement this season to leave D’Angelo Russell It’s the centerpiece of the Simmons offering. Alternatively, Minnesota can pack. Malik Beasley and Ricky Rubio In order to collect enough salary for Simmons’ 33 mm peak.

However, although Wolves added a draft selection to their offer, But it’s unclear how attractive those deals will be. Daryl Morey And the Sixers, if the 76ers make a three-time All-Star move, they would want a deal that would increase the teams’ chances of competing for the title in 2022 rather than picking heavy drafts. Morey should be aiming higher than Russell’s or Beasley/Rubio packages.

Still an interesting idea Especially given Wolves’ quest to power forward this summer. While Simmons has been considered a point guard in most of his NBA career, The defensive lineman of the year runners-up was more than capable of defending three and four. That would make him a good fit for Minnesota.

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