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Timeline of Kyrie Irving’s latest absences from the Brooklyn Nets.

On Wednesday morning, ESPN’s TV personality Stephen S. Smith urged the Brooklyn Nets to guard Kryi Irving from playing basketball.

“Obviously, you don’t want to play basketball bad enough,” Smith said with a long-time taunt about ESPN’s First Take. “… Kyrie Irving doesn’t prioritize basketball. I’m not saying he doesn’t want to play together. I’m saying he doesn’t prioritize. How fair is it to the Brooklyn Nets? How fair is Sean Marks? How fair is that for Steve Nash, the coach he endorses on board? … How fair is his brother Kevin Durant? ”

The situation in Brooklyn is rapidly deteriorating. Brooklyn’s striking victory over the Celtics, which has crowned many observers of the Eastern favorites, is fading in the rearview mirror. Brooklyn is now ranked 4-6 in the past 1

0 games and seventh in the east.The Nets have once again mortgaged their future to gamble today, acquiring James Harden to In exchange for most of their funds.

So how did things get worse so quickly, to the point where a high-profile sports expert calls for one of the NBA’s most interesting players to retire?

Timeline of the latest events

January 5: Irving scores 29 points as Brooklyn defeats Utah.

Irving fired 12-for-19 from the floor as the Nets rolled on the Jazz 130-96.

January 7: Kyrie Irving misses the game for personal reasons.

Irving played the game for personal reasons one day after violent mobs invaded the US Capitol in Washington. Some have tied the two incidents together, others say his anger at the Nets organization has been around for a while.

In any case, Nets head coach Steve Nash told reporters he reached out to Irving and had not received a response. But Irving’s lack of response was

January 10: Nash calls back.

On Sunday, Nash told reporters he was unsure when Irving would return.

“Ky is still off work and all communications with Ky between organizations. I will keep it private,” Nash told reporters. “I’m sure you will hear from him at some point.”

Later that evening, Durant told reporters that the Nets supported Irving “100 per cent”.

January 11: Irving settles again against Denver.

Again, Irving ruled the team the day before the game. As COVID cases occur across the league, some wonder if Irving is trying to avoid infection.

January 12: Irving is spotted at a club with his sister.

On Tuesday, Irving was seen partying with his sister at the club on her birthday without a mask. That’s a violation of the NBA’s COVID protocol, and – under investigation – could force him to be under quarantine and some salary cuts this season.

Nets GM Sean Marks released a statement regarding the video, saying: “We are aware of a video on social media featuring Kyrie Irving at a family gathering. We are investigating the situation of both the Kyrie and the NBA to determine whether it complies with the health and safety protocols. ”

Marks added that Irving remained away from the team for personal reasons and that the return date has not been finalized.

“Kyrie will have the opportunity to deal with his absence when he is ready to do so,” Marks wrote in a statement.

Nash was asked if he was confident Irving would return this season.

“Of course,” Nash said.

January 13: Net trading for James Harden.

The Nets traded a blockbuster Wednesday, trading seven picks / picks to the Houston Rockets as part of a package that made James Harden.

Brooklyn ruled Irving for their game against the Knicks on Wednesday afternoon. Nash was later asked about Irving’s ongoing absence.

I didn’t have the opportunity to hear new details about Kyrie“I will rely on the reception to know more when we go.”

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