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Tishaura Jones wins mayor race: ‘it’s time for St. Louis to grow’

Mayor Cara Spencer speaks before a group of supporters after losing the mayor election to Tishaura Jones on April 6, 2021.

Jones and Spencer both said they were working to fundamentally change the way city governments operate.

Jones entered the general election as favorites after finishing first in the March 2 four-day main event.Spencer, who has been Mayor since 201

5, came second in the top.

Jones highlighted her eight years of executive experience as treasurer, citing her efforts to modernize parking operations and the preceding five as a state representative.

She also cited existing relationships at the local, state and federal levels, in particular, with Sam Page, the St. Louis County executive who endorsed her.

Spencer, 42, portrays herself as a politically independent person in the old City Hall and hostile with special interests, citing her leadership at the board of directors in the fight against airport hires. St. Louis International, Lambert above all

Jones, who will become the city’s 47th mayor, will face some serious challenges, including violent crime with a high homicide rate.

She said she wanted to shift treatment from arrest and detention styles to preventative styles, expanding the use of mental health and other professionals to handle some 911 calls.

Jones will have to deal with conditions at the main downtown prison, which was shaken on Sunday in riots for the second time in two months.

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