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Today I learned that card rating companies are sinking in Pokémon cards.

The report from Vice opened my eyes on how big the Pokémon trading card market was – apparently to the point where the card rating company had a waiting list that spans six to ten months, with one company claiming. More than 500,000 cards are received up to levels per week. Card graders that score trading card terms to determine how these cards can be accumulated. The (and very valuable) line is so overwhelming that those who want to get a Yu-Gi-Oh magic card or a scoring sport will also have to wait for the line (or pay the nose to skip it).

A rating card company wants a terrible employee, offers a $ 1

,000 starting bonus – and then. Hit them up to 2,500 dollars.Another company has to buy. two The warehouse holds all the cards it comes in.Clearly, even the most basic of the original Pokemon cards can fetch as much as $ 40 right now in excellent condition, and the rated cards are up to 20 times the value. Of value in perfect condition

Of course, we’ve seen growth impacting other forms of the market as well. EBay is adding a feature to its app specifically to scan cards and pre-populate listings with information. (Even if it’s not a card condition) makes items a little faster. secondary The report also states that the plastic card protectors are sold out.

Most of these effects appear to be tied to older Pokémon cards, as they are rare – as the author. secondary The article points out that people are looking at what they have survived the havoc of being a childhood toy after seeing collectors like Logan Paul buy original cards or packs at obscene prices.

But it seems that some of the OG Pokémon’s glow has begun to affect the market for new collectibles with unprovable value, too: Some Target stores have threatened to call the police to those who camp outside to. Buy new Pokémon cards, and the Pokémon card company has Hurry to stamp as many new cards as you can.

Perhaps the epidemic wakes up people’s inner magpies, causing an insatiable desire to accumulate regardless of the value of our purchases. (Just look at the NFT, which feels like the ultimate collectible.) Of course, there are truly rare Pokémon cards that are very valuable. But it’s not just the rare cards that have been hit by the rating companies as well, as one CEO said, “cardboard collapsed.”

Honestly, seeing this news above all gave me one interesting question: where Hack People get so much money that they can spend $ 660K on a Mario cartridge or $ 300K on a Pokémon card?

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