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Tom Brady tried to learn the Bucs playbook last season.

Cincinnati Versus New England Patriots

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After 20 years with Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, there is a major adaptation in Tampa Bay via JoeBucsFan.com.Brady describes the difficulty of the transition in his latest appearance with Hoodinkie Radio.

“In the middle of the year, I’m still trying to figure out how to call the play,” Brady said of Buccaneer’s playbook. “I just read it. [the plays] Turn off my wristband and try to envision what will happen. “

After spending a lot of time on one system, it was a mistake course for Brady to learn a new attack.

“It’s like learning a new language,” Brady said. “You’ve been speaking English for 20 years and people say, ‘Hey man, let’s speak Spanish’ and you’re like, ‘Huh? It doesn’t make sense for my brain. ”

The pandemic complicates efforts to get all new teammates on the same page.

“[I]It took people a long time to get to know each other, ”Brady said,“ much longer than usual. The last six weeks of the year, Wow, we’ve started our stride. We gain a lot of confidence in each other. It was a really unique experience that I hope I never have to go through again. But I think we did our best. “

The Bucs ended the year with winning eight games in a row and they are expected to be where they left off, especially with a total of 22 starters in 2021 and with more than a year with Brady’s efforts. In learning new languages.

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