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Tom Brady visits Disney World and meets Kyloren like no other.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady brought his magic to Florida State 4 to fulfill the promise he made after winning the Super Bowl.

The 7-time Super Bowl champion visited the Magic Kingdom in Orlando on Monday, living with “I’m Going to Disney World!” Premiered on national TV after the big game in February. Brady had the opportunity to explore Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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During his time there, Brady met Kylo Ren and it went viral on social media.

“Darkside called you,” Ren said to Brady. “You have to choose. Will you join us?”


Brady replied: “No thank you, I’m on the winning team.”

Tom Brandi decides to choose a fantasy team over the tournament of golf.

Brady also retweeted a Walt Disney World post about visiting the Super Bowl-winning defender. “I’m just playing around and going to Disney World for free …”

In the Super Bowl LV, Brady passed 21 of 29 passes in 201 yards with three touchdowns in his 31-9 defeat to Buccaneer Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City boss Rob Gronkowski. Who visited Disney the day after the Super Bowl in early February, drew six times over 67 yards and two points to win.

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Over the next season, Brady and Gronkowski will return to the Bucs team. Brady, who is chasing the eighth Super Bowl title, will also visit Disney for the eighth time.

The Super Bowl MVP has been in the spotlight on their plans to visit the theme park since 1984.

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