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Tom Cotton said the Associated Press had ‘uncomfortable questions to answer’ for sharing the Gaza building with the Hamas group.

Sen. Tom Cotton, Arkady, pointed to the Associated Press, accusing him of using the workspace with Hamas after Israel carried out military attacks on buildings in the Gaza Strip that the Jewish state claimed to be. Terrorist Organization’s Office

An international reporter rallied over the weekend after Israel destroyed a building that included media bureaus in Gaza, such as the Associated Press and Al Jazeera, about intelligence that Hamas had military operations on the site. Journalists and residents have been warned and evacuated before the strike.

While the Associated Press denied having any prior knowledge of Hamas’ 15-year presence in that building, Cotton expressed more skepticism on the Senate floor.

The former Obama aide said he ̵

6;Talk to people’ who work in the Gaza Media Building, knowing that there is an office space.

“Why is the Associated Press sharing the building with Hamas?” Fai asked on Monday. “Of course, these intrepid reporters know who their neighbors are.”

He continued, “Are they deliberately used as a human shield by US-designated terrorist organizations? Does the AP pull fists and refuse to report Hamas’ misconduct for years?”

The GOP senators also mocked the “crappy journalist” who turned the Israeli-Hamas conflict into “himself”.

“I admit the AP has uncomfortable questions to answer, but the AP and fellow journalists are under high pressure about all of Israel’s reasonable air strikes,” Cotton said. Victims when terrorists shoot missiles on innocent civilians. “

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As journalists are urging Israel to release information proving Hamas is located in the same building as foreign media, Obama’s former aide, Tommy Viedor, appears to support the assertion.

“I’m sure Hamas’s office is in the building, and they intend to join forces with civilians. But that’s not a new problem, “Viedore tweeted,” and if the IDF wants to claim that the military effort is precisely targeted, etc … you shouldn’t go into that building. ”

The Twitter user then asked Vietor why he was “sure” Hamas was in that building.

He replied, “I talked to the people working in the building.”

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