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Tony Khan, which match can “So Easy to Steal the Show” at AEW Double Or Nothing

Tony Khan, Chairman and CEO of AEW, is on the latest episode of W. Unlimited AEW The podcast He, Aubrey Edwards and Tony Schiavone preview this Sunday. double or nothingKhan discusses the AEW World Tag Team Title match between the Young Bucks and Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston.

“This is one of the most exciting tournaments on the cards,” Khan said. “The Young Bucks pay-per-view matches are consistently delivered and Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston get into fights at times. I think they have good pay-per-view competition on full gearOne of the great main events we had. and they are like brothers They fight like brothers. And they are going to fight a pair of brothers. best sibling couple and the best tag team


7;s going to be scary. Jon Moxley is a great tag team wrestler, Eddie Kingston wrestles all over the world. Wrestling in all types of competitions Lots of tag matches, but Jon Moxley is the most successful tag team wrestler in the world. I think many people have forgotten about it. And it shows in their matches… Jon Moxley is no stranger to tag team wrestling. He’s no stranger to big pay-per-view matches.

“One thing I think we can trust is that this match is coming to an end. And Moxley and Kingston and the Young Bucks could easily steal the show and match tonight. And I think everyone backstage and everyone here believes in it. And I know this is going to be one of the hardest matches to follow in AEW’s pay-per-view history. I think nobody was lining up for that point after that.”

AEW EVP Cody Rhodes to compete with Olympic bronze medalist Anthony Ogogo. Khan noticed the connection between the two shares.

“Anthony Ogogo is an assassin. That man crushes whoever is in the ring. And when Cody faced Anthony Okoko, Anthony Okoko punched him with a bodily punch,” Khan said. “I think Cody has to take it seriously. Cody has never been in the ring. Who is as dangerous as Anthony Ogogo in my opinion, and Anthony Ogogo is one of the most dangerous people we’ve ever had in AEW due to his fighting background. He is an Olympic medalist. He was a boxer and now a wrestler. He seemed to have found his true claim. And rarely see you develop as quickly as Anthony Okoko.

“And part of the story of this match is the problem with Cody’s own design. Because Cody was the one who led Anthony. Okoko came to me and introduced him and gave me his number. And I’m in England and we spend time together. And I think Anthony is a very positive person. And I think he’ll be a great addition to AEW and Cody is our guide. So I signed him with reference to Cody endorsing his character. Cody said ‘I think I can really train him and he can be a great wrestler’ and I think that really exploded in front of him.”

Wrestling Inc. will be livestreaming AEW Double Or Nothing this Sunday. You can check the current card at this link.

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