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Top 5 Ways to Quickly Earn XP in Minecraft Before the 1.17 Caves & Cliffs Update Release

Experience points have always been a valuable resource in Minecraft. Use powerful magic Rename tags, etc.

In Minecraft, players can earn XP in a variety of ways. Smelting items and killing mobs are common ways to gain experience points. This article will share some of the best ways to earn experience points in Minecraft.

Popular ways to earn XP in Minecraft

#5 – Classic Mob Tower

The classic mob tower was one of the first farm starters to be created in Minecraft, although this design is quite old. But Mob Tower Farm is still an amazing XP farm. Players can build classic mob towers to earn XP and valuable mobs such as bows, arrows, bones, enchanted gear, and more.

This farm violates Minecraft̵

7;s natural mob spawn mechanism to spawn hostile mobs. when the light level is below seven Enemy mobs will start spawning. in the classic mob tower A large dark room spawns hostile mobs that fall from pipes into the killing chamber.

#4 – AFK Fishing

AFK Fish Farm is a cheap way to earn experience points in Minecraft. Prior to the 1.16 nether update, players were given useful items such as books and enchanted saddles. Players in older versions can still use this design to earn rewards and XP.

YouTuber Xisumavoid has shared a step-by-step guide on how to build a sad AFK fish farm for players. This design only produces fish and XP for now.

#3 – Spawning Mob Farm

Spawners are one of the rarest blocks in Minecraft. These rare blocks are built in dungeons. Mine shafts, turrets, and spawner turrets will spawn mobs whenever a player is nearby.

with natural mechanisms Players can create XP farms with automatic clicks. Players can create an automatic AFK XP farm in Minecraft.

#2 – Villager’s Trade

Villagers are one of the best mobs in Minecraft by giving them a career. Players can trade many valuable items such as diamond weapons, tools, emeralds, food, and more.

while trading Villagers also drop a lot of XP orbs as Villagers reset their trades every day. Players can rely on villagers for their level of experience.

#1 – Gold Farm

With the high spawn rate of zombie pigs in the underworld. Players can create gold + XP farms in Minecraft when players attack zombie pigs. All nearby zombie piglets will start attacking that player.

with natural behavior Players can lure them into death traps and kill them to earn XP and gold in Minecraft.

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