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Top Smash Bros. competitors require special treatment.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Competitor Tyler “Marss” Martins set fire to the fighting game community over the weekend when he recommend Top players should be able to register for open-bracket tournaments before matches that he deems less important.

“I know the privileges of high-level players or whatever. But I would rather see MkLeo and Light as an example than a couple of friends going 0-2 and asking for pictures of the top players after they lost,” Martins wrote on Twitter after Leonardo “MkLeo” Lopez Perez and Paris “Light” Ramirez. Two of the best Garcia Smash Players in the world failed to register for the major. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate race before it hits Expanded the registration limit of 768 players..

kotaku Contact Martins for comment. but did not receive a reply before publishing

The organizers of the tournament in question Community Efort Orlando have stated the exact date and time for registrations to reopen. two weeks agoHowever, Perez and Garcia have both. public accepted go to bed during the application period and while Garcia is a free agent Perez was also employed by T1, a large esports organization based in South Korea., as if Smash compete with his work He missed the opportunity to register for important events like Community Effort Orlando not once but twice. (And I feel it’s reasonable to complain about missing work.) Under those circumstances, it’s confusing.

kotaku Contacted Perez about the situation but received no reply before publishing.

In short, the arguments that are open to pre-registration for certain types of players are: Tournaments benefit from reserving space for better players. because it attracts the audience More so – run randomly without community placement.

Many famous members of Smash Community Perez and Garcia included. Hurry and settle with Martins. But he was heavily criticized. Grassroots competition is known for its open policy. This allows all players to stand up equally regardless of status. Giving preference to others due to skill level or professional employment with an esports organization is the opposite. Dissenters argue against the ethos of Smash and the traditional fighting game community That demand is even more bizarre considering the recent increase in invitation events that cater specifically to that type of competitor.

“As a player and organizer I try to understand every situation a CEO’s attendees might be in,” said Community Effort Orlando organizer Alex Jebailey. kotaku By email. “CEO 2021 is taking place in an unprecedented situation. With the return of fighting game events that have created an unprecedented enthusiasm for early registration. I am humbled and delighted that the CEO quickly sold 3,500 tickets. But that response shouldn’t cause the CEO to step out of the open bracket and open enrollment. These are, in my opinion, what makes our meeting great.”

The desire in big tournaments to show only the best competitors is understandable. But the controversy surrounding Martins’ suggestion highlights a key difference between fighting games and esports. The fighting game community has existed for decades as a place where everyone and everyone can compete. regardless of skill level or history It’s not an easy place to make money.

And even if it has negative consequences, such as tournaments, lifestyles, to events and organizers who rely on volunteer labor But it also hides competition with a grassroots passion that can’t replicate big games, such as League of Legends or OverwatchThere is nothing in esports like a fighting game community. And that continues to disappoint those involved in esports who view their potential as “unused” or “wasted” to benefit a small group of players and investors. rather than as a whole

“I think when we go back and hold bigger events in the future. We will be better equipped to handle demand,” Jebailey added. “I also think the invitation opportunity will increase in order to better serve our best players. They are given the same chance to become a champion regardless of their skill level. Opportunities that start on the registration page.”

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