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Tornadoweld County kills cattle injured family horse

WELD COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — Witnesses who watched the mile twist say it’s rapidly expanding and widening. as it ripped through farms and pastures in Weld County on Monday.

“It was huge,” said a witness named Jimmy.

At County Roads 19 and 26, Carol Holder and her family weren’t sure they could get it done.

“My husband ran into the house and said, ‘Go downstairs, there’s a tornado at Tom and Connie’s house,’” Carroll said.

family hiding in the bathtub Carol had property damage. Six of her hens were killed, she said. Her horse Leah was wounded.

“She had all her leg injuries,” Carroll explains.

Jimmy saw a distorted two miles from zero at his daughter̵

7;s house.

“Oh, we panic,” he said. “I don’t usually panic. But I’m on the phone and she’s like— you’re kidding. I said I wouldn’t joke about it – it hit your house.”

The tornado—which appeared to hit the home of Jimmy’s daughter—was far enough not to damage the family, near roads in counties 19 and 26. No injuries were reported.

Tornado kills a few cows Neighbors said along the way, damage could be seen on roofs, fences, vehicles and trees.

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