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Toyota’s hydrogen powered engines sound pretty good.

Hashtag #savethemanuals It’s been a battle cry for years, as enthusiasts are back with their own gear-changing options. Thank you very much. The next cause, Célèbre, could be “Save the Exhaust Note!” As the electric vehicle landed on the ground whining like a spaceship.

Toyota is jumping into the fray, releasing a video highlighting its hydrogen-powered engine.Hosting the powerplant is a modified Corolla Sport with a three-channel turbo. The Super Taikyu Series is now being prepared for the Super Taikyu Series in Fuji in the coming weeks (May 21-23). ​​The Corolla sounded remarkably similar to a gas-powered engine, giving my rumbling engine-loving heart. Flutter

In a video published by Toyota TimesDriver Hirouaki Ishiura said, “It̵

7;s not as different as I expected. Feels like a normal engine “

Normal, that is, with familiarity Religious Oddly enough, CO2 was not emitted, as Hazel reported last week. However, burning hydrogen continues to produce greenhouse gases and nitrous oxide.

Hydrogen is the solution to many environmental challenges today, including low energy efficiency, production difficulties and the struggles of storage. Even the US Department of Energy said that “no applicable codes and standards have yet been established for hydrogen storage systems and interface technologies that will facilitate deployment / commercialization and ensure safety and reliability. Public acceptance. ”In other words, pain.

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