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Trader Joe’s continues to open a new store in San Francisco.

This is good news for San Francisco residents who can’t pass the Mandarin Orange Chicken for a week.

Trader Joe’s is moving forward in the opening of a new location at 555 Fulton in Hayes Valley.

Grocers known for their fair prices and unusual products. (Think cauliflower gnocchi) sent an application to the San Francisco planning department at the end of March to open a store in an empty retail space on the ground floor of the condo-retail complex.

“The proposed Trader Joe’s stores will replace empty retail spaces with much-needed groceries to serve the neighborhood,” Trader Joe’s said in the app. “This project is not related to the expansion of the building envelope. The retail applications offered are compatible with the nature of the neighborhood and are in line with the existing retail applications where the grocery store is full. No particular style “

The store will have 73 parking spaces in the basement of the building, although the app says “It is expected that most people from the neighborhood will walk or cycle to the store.”


Trader Joe’s said on the app it would take 4.5 months to build, but SocketSite noted that the store still needs city approval and that the process is likely to push it to 2022 or 2023.

The condo development was approved under one grocery deal, Portland-based New Seasons was looking for a location. But pulled from the process due to construction delays.

Hayes Valley doesn’t have a large grocery store within its neighborhood. The closest store is Safeway at 1335 Webster, just half a mile from future Trader Joe’s.

A neighborhood in San Francisco, known for its high-end boutiques and quaint cafes, has a ban. But grocery stores are exempt from the regulation.

In the official “Recipe for Retail Establishments” submitted to the planning department, Trader Joe’s has 516 stores worldwide and six in San Francisco.

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