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Transit Drive-In has become the site of mass COVID-19 vaccination as New York is concerned with supply issues.

We reported a number of technical issues to us Monday after New York released an extension of people who can receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

LOCKPORT, NY – We continue to monitor New York State’s launch of the COVID-19 vaccine – after an extension of Monday’s launch program quickly kicked off.

The New York State Department of Health said it was considering a technical issue we had reported to the department.

One problem we encountered was simply picking up the phone.The state̵

7;s vaccination hotline was temporarily unavailable due to high call volumes. And there are other issues, too, with state vaccination websites that provide invalid vaccination sites in Erie County.

On Monday, New York State accepted the CDC’s recommendation by extending COVID-19 eligibility to people 65 and older and people with immunodeficiency, such as people with type 1 diabetes, AIDS and cancer.

“I want the people of New York to be as calm as we can get people to live in these anxiety times, and I don’t want people to think that if people in other states have a right when they’re away,” said Governor. Andrew Cuomo said.

But the governor warned residents that as the supply of the vaccine remained low, as little as 300,000 doses from the federal government a week, it would take months for Phase 1 to be vaccinated, including health care workers and responders. First time too

So you are telling people today that you are right. But you’re telling people we don’t have enough numbers to get to you in the next six months, ”Cuomo said.

As of Tuesday, Transit Drive-In has become a mass vaccination facility.About 900 Phase I workers, most of which, including health workers, will be vaccinated here this week. More in the next week

“Our medical experts gave them the vaccination, then they went to an area where they were in the car for about 15 minutes to make sure they had no reaction to the vaccine,” said Dan Staple. Tan, director of public health in Niagara County said.

The Niagara Falls Memorial is also designated as a vaccination facility for Phase 1 workers.

Please note that these sites are not open to the public.

Phase 1b workers, including teachers, transporters and first responders such as police officers and firefighters, will be vaccinated at Drive-In next week.

The Niagara County Department of Health said on its website, the pre-registration links will be updated weekly, depending on vaccine availability.

“Right now we’re turning people around because we don’t have enough vaccinations, so we need more doses,” Stapleton said.

Governor Cuomo said there would be more online pharmacies on Wednesday to handle the vaccine.

Hospitals need to prioritize workers to get vaccinated.

Meanwhile, Wegmans, which announced Monday it was receiving limited quantities at select locations – for those 75 and older, released an overwhelming statement about the response Wegmans received.

Following yesterday [Monday’s] The overwhelming response to the first round of COVID-19 vaccination appointments for people aged 75 and older, we encountered technical difficulties with our schedule site. Before the power outage, most of the appointments were filled. Despite constant errors in the system But the rest of the appointments will be full throughout the evening, with people who have previously accessed a direct link to the scheduler. We know vaccines are in high demand and we will open more appointments as more vaccines become available. We thank everyone for their patience. “

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