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Traveling to Greece? What to know about the new opening

Most Greeks, who have endured months of jail release, said most of the Greeks would agree with that sentiment, “I think there is no other option to be honest with our focus on the region. In the economy, ”she said.

Nakou noted that the number of COVID cases increased after the country opened to tourists last summer and that many Greeks have linked their visitor arrivals with an increase in transmission. Spread of the virus She noted that, according to a survey among Greeks last fall, tourism was the most frequently cited factor in creating a second wave before people broke lockout rules, including Crowded on public transport or in restaurants

“I think this is in the minds of many local people,” said Ms Nakou. They’re also quite concerned about that. “

In terms of daily new infections, the worst time of the Greece outbreak occurred in early April of this year, when the country had an average of more than 3,000 cases per day. Peak in about two weeks later On a per capita basis, Greece’s experience is lower compared to the worst time of the outbreak in the US, UK, France or Italy. But because Greece’s medical system has suffered from years of scarcity of funds, it is extremely vulnerable to stress. The nation’s intensive care unit was 87 percent full as of April 21, despite blocking measures.

At the same time, vaccinations are being received. More than 20 percent of the nation’s population had at least one dose of vaccine by the end of April. Coverage is much higher in some Greek islands, an early target of the country’s vaccination campaign, partly due to geographic separation and limited healthcare facilities, but local leaders are hoping for the image too. Of “COVID-FREE ISLANDS” that have been heavily vaccinated will help attract tourists to return.

“It is a very important step that guarantees the opening of the high season and sends an optimistic message,” Elafonisos mayor Efi Liarou told Agence-France Presse last month.

However, many of them ended up traveling to Greece this summer, it is clear this year’s high season will not be like any other.

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