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Trevor Bauer takes the ball out of the game. Dodgers-Athletics MLBs tend to check for foreign bodies.

Trevor Bauer’s words are coming back to haunt him.

The baseball was taken off the field during Wednesday’s game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Oakland Athletics after Bauer’s first innings on the mound to determine it was part of the crackdown. Recent MLB’s foreign substance


A’s manager, Bob Melvin, did not confirm whether the ball was examined. But told after the game that this is what to expect this season

“This year they are looking at baseball to stock up and do something the same down the road as it can be,”

; Melvin said.

The league released a memo late last month informing teams of three new enforcement elements to be introduced this season to determine whether players are using illegal foreign substances.

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Bauer posted a video on YouTube the next day to criticize the new policy.

“Only in the jug will have “Foreign substances” in a person, their body, or whatever, “Bauer said through NBC Sports Bay Area.” It is not illegal for his hand grips or chest protectors, as you have seen, it is not illegal for third baseman. Would have it on his glove or a center fielder to have it on his glove – as far as I know, maybe. Some rules or languages ​​have changed – as far as I know the rules of baseball, it’s legal for people to have stuff in their gloves. “

He continued: “My question is, if I have thrown the field and it has been thrown, taken for testing and there is a foreign body, how do they know it’s from me, not the catcher’s glove or the third baseman’s glove? ? Or on a foul ball. What if it hits the bat handle where the hitter contains turpentine or any other substance he is legally required as long as it does not hit the bat too much? “

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Under the new rules, players found to use an illegal foreign substance can be punished. “Whether evidence of abuse was discovered during or after the game”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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