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Troy Aikman responds to cowboy hiring Dan Quinn.

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman is a fan of hiring the team’s defensive coordinator.

Dallas concluded hiring a defensive coordinator earlier this week.The Cowboys hired former Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn, who previously served as defense coordinator for the Seattle Seahawks.

Aikman spoke about hiring during an appearance on The Musers on 96.7 FM In Dallas on Wednesday

“I think it’s a good hire. I’ve always liked Dan, I think he’s a good coach… I think Dan will be a good hire for them… Dan has been in defense for two years and they are number one for the two years he has. Live in Seattle They have never been defenseless as well. [in Atlanta] It’s something I think many people think they would consider Dan’s background as defense coach. But yes, I think he’s a really good football coach. “Said Aikman.

Quinn will join Mike McCarthy’s staff in Dallas.McCarthy is leaving a disappointing first season with the Cowboys, but expectations will soar in 2021.

Aikman admitted the Cowboys’ defense had gaps to fill.

“There is a gaping hole in the smart defense personnel. Those things need to be fixed. I have always believed that in defense of the ball it was more a matter of thought. If you can get men to get together in football and play to a certain extent you can do a lot of good in the defense of the ball and you don’t need the best players. But you can have really good players who don’t buy in, don’t play, don’t run, play football, play bad – shoot hardly anyone who tackles well. It is ironic to me that is some of the fundamentals of our game, ”he said.

The Cowboys may also want to add players who have had an impact on their first-round 2021 NFL Draft defense.

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