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Trump aides speak out of defending himself in impeachment vote: NYT

  • The aides spoke to President Trump anonymously to defend himself in the impeachment vote in the House of Representatives on Wednesday, The New York Times reported.
  • Trump has been isolated since last week’s uprising at the U.S. Capitol, which was abandoned by allies from the business world and sidelined from his Twitter account.
  • On Wednesday, lawmakers voted 232-197 to impeach Trump, with 10 Republicans backing the move.
  • Trump released a video following a series of lawsuits condemning the violence in more serious terms.
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President Donald Trump was talked anonymously at the House of Representatives to defend himself ahead of his second impeachment, The New York Times reported.

The aides are said to convince the president it would be a bad idea to offer protection during Wednesday̵

7;s vote.

In December 2019, when he was indicted for the first time, it was reported that he even wanted to provide protection. But being mentioned about it

In a vote on Wednesday, Trump was indicted by 232-1997 for “inciting a riot” in the riots on Wednesday at the US Capitol. Ten Republicans sided with Democrats in the vote.

After being fired from Twitter following the attacks on government agencies, Trump was unpopular with intervention and tried to shape the incident.

The last-serving president, a lonely figure, has been abandoned by political and business allies and is open to close aide, his personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, in the dispute over legal costs.

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After the vote, Trump released a video in which he expressed no personal condolences for the violence that resulted in the deaths of five, however, he condemned it in a more serious light.

“Violence and barbarism are nowhere in our country … none of my true supporters will endorse political violence,” Trump said.

According to reports, Trump has been warned by White House adviser Pat Cipollone that he faces legal consequences for the riots, in which supporters have raided the state agency after Trump told the rally to give it up. “Fight like hell” in a bid to overturn Election result

Trump’s impeachment will now be referred to the Senate, where a hearing will take place after returning from his January 19 vacation and scheduled to begin President Joe Biden’s tenure.

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