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Trump ally Roger Stone warns former president of fraud

  • Roger Stone predicts former President Donald Trump will face impeachment He said in an InfoWars interview.
  • The complaint will be at “Bank fraud or tax fraud,” Stone said.
  • Stone accused Manhattan prosecutors of “Attempt to commit crimes” in a broader criminal investigation.
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Roger Stone, a longtime friend and former adviser to Donald Trump, believes the former president will be impeached immediately, Salon reported.

“I would be shocked if they didn’t come forward with bank fraud or tax fraud charges against the former president. [Donald Trump] by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr.,”

; Stone said during an appearance on the far-right InfoWars website.

“If they want to follow the president on fake allegations, We will prove this is a partisan witch hunt,” a GOP strategist, who was pardoned by Trump in 2020, told InfoWars host Alex Jones.

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Stone argued the indictment was likely to be filed during the Republican effort to check ballots in Maricopa County. Arizona ends

“Don’t be surprised if the announcement comes along as we learn the truth about Maricopa County, Arizona,” he said, “don’t be surprised because I see it coming.”

Stone also alleged in the interview that those involved in the Manhattan District Attorney’s criminal investigation into Trump “Is committing a crime” and calls it “disgraceful”.

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. convened a jury as his office investigates whether the Trump Organization violates state law, The Washington Post reported Tuesday, Sonam Sheth and Jacob Sham. Sian from Insider reports that this is an aggressive new step in Vance’s multi-year investigation.

Legal experts suspect the investigation is nearing its end, Sheth and Shamsian said.

The investigation will look into the finances of Trump and former President Donald Trump, court records show.

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