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Trump appointee West Point releases conspiracy theories: report

The Trump appointee, serving on the West Point visitor panel, has repeatedly published conspiracy theories that the Biden administration is bringing non-white immigrants into the “big plan.” “According to the report of CNN’s KFile.

KFile examines the latest comments of retired Army Col. Douglas McGregor who was appointed to the West Point board in the final months of the Trump administration.

Speaking on New York’s local radio in April about the influx of immigrants at the US-Mexico border, Macgregor said the Biden administration wanted “as many non-Europeans as possible”

; to increase the number of immigrants involved. Than white Americans

“The idea is that they have to bring in as many non-European expats as possible so that there are more than the number of European Americans living in the United States,” Macgregor said.

Macgregor went on to say that the US encouraged The “worst component” of “enjoying the citizenship effect” without CNN’s earnings data.

“And I think some of you must have seen thousands of pregnant women from Latin America to have children here, and then this child was immediately declared an American citizen,” he continues. And again all this It’s part of a grand scheme. This is what Mr. Biden and his supporters want. They want another country. They don’t want the United States. ”

White House spokesperson Andrew Bates made a speech in a statement to CNN, saying, “Hateful and eccentric feelings are in contrast to the values ​​and character of our nation and our military, which have a standard of independence. Excellence and professionalism without comparison & rdquo;

A White House official told the news agency it was investigating Macgregor’s stance on West Point’s board of directors.

Pentagon spokeswoman Susan Gough told CNN that the military has no information on who is appointed to the USMA visitor panel. West Point’s responsibility is to improve the visitor board, not administer or appoint. ”

Hill has contacted the Pentagon and the White House for comment.

Before he was appointed to the board, Macgregor was Hired in november To assist in the withdrawal of the US from Afghanistan at the time –President TrumpDonald Trump, Paul Ryan: voters will not be impressed with ‘Right and flattering people who flock to Mar-a-Lago’ Murkowski express dissatisfaction with GOP over commission on Jan. 6: The Secret Service. ‘Something bad has happened’ tells the White House they have uncensored evidence of the origin of the coronavirus: additional reports..

The West Point Committee, as reported by CNN, is made up of members of Congress and the President’s nominee and is responsible for conducting inquiries about “Morale and Discipline, Teaching Curriculum, Physical Devices, Fiscal Affairs and Academic Methods” of the Institute

People typically hold positions for three years.

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