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Trump blew up at Nixon as he prepared to retire.

Gone are the clicks of the flashing camera. The roar of the missing crowd Instead of commanding the last week of winning, the president took on the role of the victim and not the dignified leader out of office.

Trump has been dominated by revelations of his presidency during the last days of his tenure, according to peers’ remarks, which included informal discussions between the advisers recently over his resignation. Possible

Trump shut down the idea almost immediately. And he made clear to aides in a separate conversation that only mentioned President Richard Nixon, the last resigned president, was banned.

During a recent profanity conversation, he told a consultant that he would never speak to the former president again. During this week̵

7;s remission address, Trump told people he couldn’t trust Vice President Mike Pence to forgive him as Gerald Ford Nixon did.

Eager to savor the pomp of the presidency, Trump has asked for a big repatriation on the day of his inauguration next week, according to people familiar with the matter before flying over to Palm Beach President. Last time

But signs of his impending departure were everywhere – including outside the window. A worker hung the bunting on Thursday reading “2021 Biden-Harris Inauguration” from a temporary stand across the North Portico White House, visible from his third floor residence.

Inside the building, Trump faces a second lawsuit and a break-out from allies that just emerged during the time of the wilderness. He became increasingly concerned about the legal or financial disasters that might await him when he was no longer president, the people who spoke to him said, with warnings from lawyers and advisers. He is weighing pardons, including himself and his family as he tries to assemble the legal team for another prosecution trial. And he was unhappy with the Republicans he felt had been abandoned at the time of his need, including the GOP leaders of the House and Senate.

The aides asked Trump to deliver some kind of goodbye, whether live or taped, that would help him succeed in the workplace. But he doesn’t seem interested and that’s not normal. On Thursday, Pence did the routine tasks that were left for the president, such as visiting the lifeguard posted at the U.S. Capitol or visiting a White House entrepreneur to say goodbye.

Closed shop

Sober Melania Trump is determined to end her husband's turbulent agenda.

With less than a week left to work, Trump officials are preparing to leave the White House campus for the last time. Several officers had already left. But those who still enter the office have been focused on the off-site process and filling up their offices. There were signs of activity on Thursday, including a gray van from Crozier fine arts handler Debbie Meadows, the foreman’s wife, found that stuffed pheasants were removed from her husband’s office and carried. It put her car

The upper floor of the newspaper shop in the White House is empty. The desk where the aide previously sat outside the press secretary’s office was now empty, with the exception of boxes and piles of papers.

Wilbur Ross, one of Trump’s cabinet ministers, appeared on television from Palm Beach. Another official, National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow, received an applause from a junior aide as he left the building.

As one of the final acts, Trump’s team is working to organize a crowd to see him on the morning of Biden’s inauguration when he plans to leave Washington while still in office and is expected. There will be a big transfer. Although some of his allies encouraged him to attend Biden’s inauguration ceremony, and Trump asked his circle of questions about whether he should be or not, few would expect him to join in. The oath of the successor

Trump told people he did not like the idea of ​​leaving Washington for the last time as a former president, flying on a plane no longer known as Air Force One. He also disliked the idea of ​​requesting a plane from Biden, following the words of a person familiar with the matter.

For now, Trump is not sure if he will write to Biden to leave it at the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office, some of his advisors encouraging him to think about continuing the tradition. In the early days of his presidency, Trump enjoyed showing visitors a letter he received from President Barack Obama, which includes the current idea: Each day we will leave those tools. Democracy is at least as strong as we can find. “

Initially, Trump planned to leave the White House a day early. But now he plans to leave on the morning of Jan. 20, his departure aboard Marine One from the White House South Lawn will be seen and heard to Bidens, who will spend the night before his inauguration at Blair. House opposite Pennsylvania Avenue from the Executive Mansion. The State Department offered them to use it over Trump, who refused to contact the incoming president and first lady.

The final plans for Trump’s departure are still being laid a week ahead. But Trump has shown interest to some in military-style deliveries and advocacy groups, according to the people he spoke of. Whether it took place at the White House, Joint Andrews Base or his final destination – Palm Beach International Airport – is unclear Trump is expected to be locked up in the Mar-a-Lago club or nearby golf course by noon. Of the orientation day, when his term officially ended

Having a president who goes 1,000 miles from an incoming president poses a logistical challenge. For example, delivering a nuclear soccer ball, a 45-pound briefcase that carries the president wherever he goes in the event of a nuclear attack, would not be as easy as it sounds if the two were in close proximity.

A person familiar with the matter said the White House military office would make sure there were several nuclear footballs – one to accompany Trump to Florida and another to be ready in Washington when Biden was officially president. Official The nuclear code Trump holding a football pair called “biscuits” will no longer be available at noon.

Legal and financial problems

Trump's actions in recent days as the president increase legal risks.
Although Trump continues to insist he won the 2020 election, he has left the White House fully and has entered life as a private citizen and hence his legal exposure and potential business problems. Rise from his role in inciting Riots last week
Business first will be his second impeachment hearing, which is now scheduled to begin after Biden was sworn in.Trump continues to enlist a lawyer to represent him during the litigation, and it looks like Rudy Giuliani. Must pay legal fees Instruct a helper not to pay A group of Trump colleagues recently worked to ban the president from listening to Giuliani because they believed he had given him the wrong information.

Trump is looking for a new set of lawyers, possibly including John Eastman, a falsely conservative lawyer, telling Trump that Pence could block Biden’s endorsement of the win. A person familiar with the matter said Eastman could join Trump’s legal team to defend him in his upcoming impeachment hearing.

Trump’s senior White House adviser said they did not believe Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell would vote to convict him. But willing to let this choice hang over his head during his last days in the White House, making him deeply angry at the president.

According to his peers, Trump has focused on potential post-presidential legal issues since before the November election, and his worries have escalated over the months following the people. Who are familiar with this said

But he has also been flogged at allied aides and lawyers who try to protect him from criminal exposure after his role in inciting rioters during last week’s attempted revolt at the U.S. Capitol. Some of his lawyers have tried to explain that his thoughts about self-pardon can be irreversible, leading some in Trump’s circle to believe he is less likely to try to do it before leaving office.

These concerns were in part that helped convince Trump to record a video Wednesday condemning the riots and insisting that they did not reflect his political moves.

“None of my true supporters can vouch for political violence, none of my true supporters can disrespect law enforcement or our American flag,” he said from behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office.

Trump seemed reluctant to tap the video, in part because he believed his supporters’ thoughtful rejection made him seem like he was falling apart to pressure to lower his stance in the election.

A source familiar with the conversation said there was full media coordination by allies and aides, including Sen. Lindsay Graham, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and Senior Adviser Jared. Kushner to convince the president that he must come out against violence in the future, if he doesn’t – and another incident – he will “own”.

“Silence is not an option,” the source said in an explanation of one of the conversations. “We need to break the cycle”

After a video showing the ad for the day of the rioting efforts, Trump’s later appearance was written more concise scripts, receiving a large amount of information from the White House advisory office. In the text Trump has read these data from a telephone transmitter set up by the White House communications agency, while a senior official checked it to make sure he was no different from the word it was written.

While Trump has long been concerned about his potential legal troubles. But recently, he has weighed in anxiously the potential business disadvantages of his divisive tenure. The PGA’s decision this week to sack Bedminster, NJ, the golf course of the championship, angered the president.

Another conversation that might have been hampered by the detriment of the riots he helped hijack is his presidential library. Before Trump’s motivating speech, there was a mention of securing assets in Florida and was run by his longtime aide, Dan Scavino. But now there is a question of who will donate to the Trump library in the current climate.

For a man who has greatly adapted to the pomp, he believes it is a confirmation of a higher position in life. But it affects only his profit. But also his ego And it is an unpleasant premonition of life that he might lead when he leaves office without the fanfare that comes with every move as president.

This week gave him a look at examples of different types. He was behind closed doors for most of the day, with no cameras recording his movements and without spectators to applaud him as he went through his day to day life. The circle of offensive aides that have surrounded him for most of his time are now shredding, replaced by a few such as Scavino and Chief of Staff Johnny McEntee, who will stay with him until he leaves the White House.

The president has discussed his election conspiracy theories with his former chief strategist Steve Bannon, who is facing federal fraud charges – in recent weeks, a senior Trump adviser confirmed in As he pushed away a counselor who told him what he did not want to hear.

Typically, events open to the press, such as the National Medal of Freedom and Art Medal, are restricted to government cameras.

One official said aides worried Trump might answer questions about the riot and deviate from carefully written comments condemning the action. They consider it better to limit Trump’s chances in front of the media.

Correction: An earlier version of this story misstated the year of the presidential election in which Trump was competing. It is the 2020 presidential election.

This story has been updated with further reporting.

CNN’s Dana Bash, Jamie Gangel and Jim Acosta contributed to this report.

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