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Trump condemned Barr about the latest vacation election with top aides.

Donald Trump Says His Attorney General “Not a man”

The AG is “weak and very sad,” Trump said, in fact he was a “disaster”.

Trump made no mention of Bill Barr, who recently ignited his fury in an interview about not cheating on elections. He spoke in 2018 about Barr’s predecessor, Jeff Sessions.

His dismissal of two consecutive officials who run the Department of Justice raises questions: If they’re scary, scary, and very scary Why did the 45th president appoint them in the first place?

Barr joins the list of high-powered people who dropped out of grace in Trump World, some because they stood for the president and some because they turned to him first.

This included former lieutenants such as Jim Mattis, Rex Tillerson and Omarosa, who were only occasionally attacked. They include John Bolton, repeatedly condemned by Trump (who the DOJ sued in the book, a former national security adviser. (which has been canceled), and they include Michael Cohen, who went to jail, wrote the book on Trump̵

7;s Trash and is now a regular cable critic.

But AGs are different. They have a responsibility not to play politics as the country’s chief law enforcement officer. That’s why Trump campaigned against Sessions’ bid to regain the former Senate seat – because Sessions withdrew from the Russia investigation – and why he blamed Barr for insisting no fraud was found. broad elections

In a lengthy statement, Trump referred to Barr as “RINO”, who “failed to investigate election fraud…it is the authority Bill Barr has allowed the frenzied Radical Left to succeed… “


But is Trump putting Barr in a position of power, and moreover, why would no name-only Republicans say a federal investigation found nothing? Is there a Republican—and Democratic way to run the DOJ?

To be clear, Barr has his own motives. (And his own book deal.) As ABC’s Jonathan Karl wrote in his upcoming book “Betrayal,” Barr is telling his story because he “It’s seen as the coward of Trump who plays politics with the Justice Department” and wants to change that image.

In an excerpt from the Atlantic, Barr said Mitch McConnell twice asked him to challenge the president’s call for election fraud because “You’re the only person who can really do that,” said the Majority Leader, saying he and his colleagues could not criticize Trump face to face. Because they wanted him to win two seats in the Senate in Georgia.

So Barr invited AP reporters to lunch and bombarded Justice. The broad fraud was not found. Barr told Karl, “My suspicion along the way was that there was nothing there. It’s all nonsense.”

The White House confrontation then came when Trump demanded to know if Barr had commented on the late service, and Barr said he had.

“How could you do this to me? Why do you say that?”

“Because it’s true,” Barr said.

The president blushed in response: “You must hate Trump. You must hate Trump.”

Of course, that wasn’t Trump’s attitude when Barr shrunk the findings in Robert Mueller’s report, moved to sue Michael Flynn, or interfered in Roger Stone’s trial. Same page. Now, as Trump says, “Bill Barr is a disappointment in every sense of the word.”

It is worth noting that Trump was unhappy with Barr’s successor, who served AG Jeffrey Rosen during his few weeks in office. Emails received from the New York Times show Trump pressured Rosen to investigate fraud allegations denied in a recent lawsuit. Plus the weird theory that people in Italy used satellite technology to replace America’s voting machines.

Rosen said in an email: “When asked whether to reconsider or not. I flatly refused. said that I would not give any special treatment. with Giuliani or any of his ‘witnesses’ and reaffirms that he will not talk to Giuliani about any of these matters.” Trump considered replacing Rosen with another department official as the clock ticked. until January 20


All of this may be a trivial matter for historians. And for authors hoping to break the bestseller list. Except that Trump is always talking about elections stolen from him. He did it again at the Ohio rally over the weekend. So there is a Republican divide between those who want the 2020 clemency and those who want to continue as the midterm exams approach.

Barr, who oversees the DOJ to George HW Bush with little controversy. I don’t want to be the one who fell here. And the result is that Trump has added him to the chants of a former aide he believes betrayed him.

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