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Trump impeachment: What you need to know as the House moves to vote | US government agency violations

Donald Trump’s fiery speech at a rally before the attack on government agencies has been at the center of his impeachment, although the falsehoods he has been spreading for months about election corruption are still being raised. Support from some Republicans

Parliamentary police officers have died from injuries sustained in the riot and police shot and killed a woman during the siege. Three others died in what authorities said were medical emergencies.

What to watch as the Democratic-controlled House moves to impeach Trump for the second time in 1

3 months, there are now just a few days left in the tenure of the defeated president:

The democratic case for impeachment

Trump faces just one charge – “inciting a riot” – after a deadly federal riot in the impeachment vote at the House of Commons will start a debate on Wednesday. It was a dramatic end to Trump’s presidency, as more Democrats and Republicans declared he was unfit for office and could do more damage the latter. From stirring up the crowd who ransacked the town hall

“President Trump is seriously detrimental to the security of the United States and government institutions,” reads part of the four-page impeachment bill. “He will continue to pose a threat to national security, democracy and the constitution if allowed. Continue to hold positions “

Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker of the California Democrat, said impeachment was needed, despite the time limit left for Trump’s term. “The president’s threat to America is urgent and our actions are. As well, ”she said.

Trump’s actions were personal for Pelosi and many other lawmakers, she was one of those forced to gather in a bunker during the congressional uprising and armed rioters threatened officials with a “threatening”. Mocking “Where is Nancy?”

The House of Representatives will meet at 9:00 AM ET (2 PM GMT) and will feature the first debate and procedural voting. Then, during lunch, there should be around two hours of debate about the article on the impeachment concluding, with a vote in the afternoon to late afternoon around 3pm ET (8pm GMT). It will take between 40 minutes and an hour. Voting is almost certainly passed as Democrats get a majority and many Republicans have said they will support the move. The next step in the process will be the matter of impeachment to be submitted to the Senate.

How many Republicans would support the impeachment?

Unlike the last time Trump was indicted, when there were no Republicans in the House to support the accusation Trump had in calling for Ukraine’s new president, the current impeachment effort was given. Support from some Republicans

California Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and his Louisiana Representative Deputy Steve Scalis are again expected to resist impeachment. But Liz Cheney, Wyoming’s representative from Wyoming’s No. 3 Republican, said Tuesday she would support it.

Representatives of New York Republican John Catgo and Illinois Republican Adam Kinsinger also said they would reverse the impeachment and that other Republicans appeared to follow suit.

McCarthy, one of Trump’s closest allies to Congress, echoed Trump in his declaration that “impeachment now will have the opposite effect of bringing our country together.”

Will the House Blame Trump?Really?

In the short time of the impeachment, McCarthy and other Republicans floated the idea of ​​blaming Trump on the house. While it is unclear how much the proposals support, McCarthy said blaming or other mechanisms, such as a bipartisan committee to investigate the attack, would “ensure the Jan. 6 incident was justified and prevented. To happen in the future “

Democrats who have votes in impeachment did not buy it.

When will the articles on impeachment hit the Senate?

Republican majority leader Mitch McConnell, who remains in Senate custody until Democrats take office, probably as early as Jan. 20 – said the fastest Senate could consider impeachment. Yes, January 19, the day before Trump leaves office and Joe Biden is inaugurated.Democratic leaders have explored how to restore the Senate earlier, although McConnell’s cooperation still needed, so there is a sense of It is possible that the Trump vote will take place after he leaves his office, with a trial likely on January 20 or January 21, however, it is suggested that the Democratically controlled House may delay its submission. The article went to the Senate until the Biden Administration was established and his cabinet selection was confirmed by the Senate so as not to interfere with his initiation. Biden has suggested the Senate split the time between the impeachment and his agenda.

How many votes does the Senate need to sue Trump?

The impeachment will go through two-thirds of the majority in the Senate, which requires 67 votes after Democrats’ two successes in the election runoff in Georgia.The new Senate will be among Democrats. And 50-50 Republicans, with Kamala Harris the deciding vote. That means 17 Republican senators will have to vote to convict Trump. The retiring president easily acquitted both of them in a previous impeachment hearing, with no single Republican in the Senate found guilty.

Will Republicans in the Senate vote for Trump this time?

Things might be different in 2021, for the start, the charges are simpler and more straightforward – namely, Trump is more guilty of inciting a riot than the complex and murky dealings in Ukraine. Which is the issue of the first lawsuit So far, five Republican representatives in the House have come out saying they will vote for the impeachment. But no senators yet It’s hard to imagine hardline groups like Ted Cruz or Josh Hawley voting for Joe Biden’s election victory, now swinging behind attempts to sue Trump.

However, reports from both the New York Times and Axios suggest that those close to Senate Leader McConnell seem to believe he thinks Trump has committed an unpredictable offense and may have the heart to vote for a judge. Punishment in the Senate trial If so, it would have made it easier for other Republicans.

If Trump is found guilty, will that prevent him from running for president again?

Not automatically, however, if found guilty, the Senate can follow up on the ballot again to block him from running for office, requiring only a majority to pass. This vote calls for the 14th Amendment, which prohibits all federal or state offices from participating in an uprising or rebellion. Adopted after the US Civil War, the amendments state that no one should hold office in the US if they had previously “Take part in riots or rebellion” against the United States as an elected official.

Can the 14th Amendment apply even if Trump is acquitted?

Despite being contested and subject to legal challenge But some experts believe the 14th Amendment can be used to discourage Donald Trump from serving in office again, even if he is acquitted. Again, this only requires a majority vote in the Senate, which, under the control of democracy, is likely to pass.

How will Trump respond?Really?

So far, Trump has not held any responsibility for his involvement in inciting violent uprising, although his comments have encouraged supporters to march in government agencies and praise them while they continue. Conducted the attack. “People thought what I was saying was perfect,” he said on Tuesday.

One key difference from Trump’s initial impeachment: He no longer has a Twitter feed to respond in real time.

Advanced security

In a sign of growing tensions following the attack, House lawmakers must first pass through a metal detector before being allowed into the room.

The new security measures will come into effect every day at the House at a meeting for the foreseeable future, as ordered by Secretary of House Timothy Blodgett to replace the sergeant at Resigned after being widely criticized for poor security planning for the Jan. 6 endorsement vote.

Blodgett also told lawmakers they had to wear masks during the Covid-19 crisis and that they faced their dismissal if they didn’t.

Will lawmakers control emotions on the floor?

While the council debate often gets ignored. But it is expected that the mood will rise abnormally as lawmakers debate not only impeachment, but the second time they have voted on the measure.The debate comes a week after the Republican Party. Big opposed Biden’s victory endorsement, the platform for the hours-long blockade that left the Capitol and the nation.

The recent epidemic of COVID-19 among lawmakers in custody, along with others who refused to wear masks, has only escalated the tension.

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