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Trump is busy texting Republicans in Afghanistan.

Donald Trump’s full endorsement of pulling the U.S. military from Afghanistan by September has cut efforts by minority leaders in the Senate. Mitch McConnellAddison (Mitch) Mitchell McConnell Lincoln Project teased Trump by saying he lost to McConnell’s ‘swamp’ The Hill’s Morning Report – presented by Emergent BioSolutions ̵

1; Biden’s sales headed to Virginia and Louisiana, a reluctance among the sprinklers. Vaccines Slowed Back to Normal on Capitol Hill More (Ky.) And other prominent Republicans who raised the question. President Biden1.6 million U.S. air passengers Joe Biden flies a day for the first time since March last year, Biden executives eyeing more food stamps over the long term: reports of further conspiracy to the poor.Strategy of

More broadly, the former president has highlighted the country’s attention to China as the US national security leader, pressuring the Republican Senate to support the legislation of the Senate Majority Leader. Charles SchumerChuck SchumerNYC opens 24-hour subway service May 17. Schumer calls for the restoration of 24-hour New York subway service Overnight Health Care: US bans most travel from India | Now 100 million Americans People are fully vaccinated | Schumer supports Sanders on more moving healthcare (DN.Y.) plans to move to counter Beijing’s growing influence and power.

McConnell is the most powerful Republican leader in Washington. But he doesn’t have the same unmatched platform he did when he was in the same position – the chief of the minority opposition in Washington – at the start of former President Obama’s tenure.

McConnell seized Biden’s declaration that he would withdraw all US troops from Afghanistan as a prime example of him speaking like a center. But ruled from the left

GOP leaders warned that Biden had ordered a “hasty total withdrawal from Afghanistan” that would “leave the coalition and vulnerable Afghans high and dry.”

Alcross, a professor of journalism at the University of Kentucky and longtime Kentucky political commentator, said McConnell was trying to set it up so he could join Biden if the radical group that Hold on to full control of Afghanistan, or if terrorist groups use it again. As a base for attacking the United States

“He set up a sign to say ‘I told you’ when Afghanistan was in hell, “he said.” He paid these small downpoints on political investments, which may or may not happen. “

Whipped Republican Senate Party John ThunJohn Randolph Thune The Memo: Trump’s Critics Face the Fury of GOP, GOP Bases Grapple with the Role of Cultural Warfare in Trump’s Dramas in the Future of the GOP Divide More Mess Message. (SD) McConnell’s potential successor said Biden’s decision was a “big mistake” and “not the right move”.

“I know there is a lot of pressure from the left in this country to leave Afghanistan. But we have invested there for a long time and one thing we don’t want to do is create conditions there. It is a favorite for terrorist organizations to train and prepare and plan attacks on the United States, ”he said in an interview with podcast host David Brody.

it. John CornineHow the United States could pass Civics 101 Democrats accuse the GOP of a new low in the culture war, Trump’s drama breaks GOP, further baffling messages. (R-Texas), another member of McConnell’s leadership group, who could someday lead the Senate GOP, also criticized Biden’s decision, warning that Afghanistan’s security situation could be as dire as fast

“It is not worth supporting. It seems to me that the Taliban had the upper hand, and the challenge was to keep remembering the lessons of 9/11 that the power vacuum was full of bad guys. He said after the senators had been briefed on Biden’s decision. “It’s hard to know what the plan was. Seems to be ‘Hope for the best’ ”

But Trump has cut the price of messaging from Republican leaders in the Senate, opening the way for other Republicans to show support for Biden’s decision, or at least raise public questions about the wisdom of the treatment. Get out of the US Army in Afghanistan from the fall.

John Ullyot, a spokesman for the National Security Council under Trump, told The Hill:President TrumpDonald Trump, a Facebook supervisory board to rule out Trump’s ban, on Wednesday Rubio opened the door in a White House bid, the Lincoln Project mocking Trump that he lost the McConnell MORE ‘swamp’. Did a great job of pulling our forces against resistance from the Pentagon, especially last year. All of our troops will be able to return home now if he is president. His support for Biden’s move to get us out will bring in many Republicans who do not publicly hold opposing positions. ”

Trump wants the entire US military to leave Afghanistan by May 1 and hailed the opportunity as “Great and positive thing to do”

That creates greater political coverage for other Republicans to undermine their leadership.

McConnell’s leadership on the issue was also undercut by Trump’s call for the Senate Republicans to oust him as their leader, something the former president reiterated on Thursday.

GOP strategists say the base is with Trump, not McConnell, which gives Republicans an incentive to follow his lead, especially if they want to run for the White House in 2024 if they want. Trump abandoned the race.

“Grassroots are with Trump on this matter, so the party is with Trump on the issue,” said GOP strategist Ford O’Connell.

However, he said McConnell was playing the role of traditional Republicans in pushing a muscular national security stance, adding that “Republicans are generally stronger than the Democratic Party.” Mobat

“Unfortunately, McConnell doesn’t see the bigger picture that whenever we don’t focus on China, we lose,” O’Connell said. America and all humanity are China, and whenever you’ve been in the Middle East for over 20 years, you’re not focusing on China. ”

Policy experts and practitioners say Trump has helped change China’s political views, making the threat of emerging powers more important to Republican voters. This prompted the Senate Republicans to agree to support the law, which is expected to be a bipartisan, in response to growing competition from China whenever Schumer brings it to the ground.

Other Republicans are shifting their focus from Afghanistan and toward China.

it. Ted CruzNYT’s Rafael (Ted) Stephens said Ted Cruz ‘No more important’ than Eddie Huskell The Hill’s 12:30 report – presented by ExxonMobil – Cheney Trump’s trade led Cruz to support Glen Youngkin in Virginia, who That the GOP is more gross (R-Texas), a promising White House in 2024, said he was “delighted that the troops had returned home” while Sen. Josh HawleyJoshua (Josh) David Hawley Memories: Trump’s critics face the wrath of the GOP base The Hill’s Morning Report – presented by Emergent BioSolutions – Biden’s sales head to Virginia and Louisiana – Cruz, Rubio added. More criticisms of big businesses (Mo), another ambitious Republican in the presidency, tweeted last month, “It’s time for the war forever to come to an end.”

it. Lisa MurkowskiLisa Ann Murkowski, a Trump drama divides the GOP, the messy message of moderate Republicans, calls for Biden Biden’s new unity to bring about more inclusive transformations. (R-Alaska), a moderately influential figure, said, “I always thought there would be time” to leave Afghanistan “because we can’t, we can’t be a country where war never ends.”

“That shouldn’t be the United States,” she said, although she raised concerns about the release of Afghanistan quickly and hard when Afghanistan’s future was uncertain.

Other Republicans said they thought the Biden’s administration could defend Afghanistan that became an incubator for international terrorist organizations, as did al-Qaeda before the 9/11 attacks.

“I look forward to working with the current administration to continue our intelligence gathering efforts and prevent terrorists from using Afghanistan as their home base,” said Sen. Cynthia LamisCynthia Marie LummisGOP, frustrated with Liz Cheney ‘at the boiling point’, the Senate passed the water infrastructure bill of 136 Republicans, getting Fs in the responsibility ratings from additional anti-Trump GOP groups. (R-Wyo.) Said last month, adding, “I am pleased that our army has returned home.

The centerpiece of the Republican party is House Minority Leader. Kevin McCarthyKevin McCarthy, The Hill’s Morning Report – Featured by Emergent BioSolutions – Biden’s sales head to Virginia and Louisiana Vaccine. Reluctance among lawmakers has slowed the Capitol Hill GOP’s return to normalcy, fighting the role of cultural warfare in The future of additional parties (California), which would have been a speaker if Republicans took the House back in 2022 and who worked with Trump on midterm electoral strategy.

McCarthy said in August 2017 that the United States “cannot allow terrorists to return as refuge” and that “stable and stable Afghanistan is vital to US national security”.

In recent weeks, he has had little details about Biden’s decision to pull soldiers from Afghanistan instead of hitting him on other issues in an interview with Fox News’s. Sean HannitySean Patrick Hannity interviewed Caitlyn Jenner after announcing GOP leader GOP governor: Biden ‘made Bernie Sanders look like a conservative’ CNN: Trump’s adviser asked. He did the additional PSA vaccine. After the president’s speech at a joint session of Congress last week.

But he left for the Republican conference female president. Liz CheneyElizabeth (Liz) Lynn Cheney Cheney at the donor retreat says Trump’s actions ‘unseenable lines’: The Memo report: Trump’s critics face the fury of the GOP, the coalition of GOP leaders swears. That will repel Liz Cheney MORE. (Wyo.) Is the lead in criticizing Biden’s Afghanistan decision.

Cheney said this was a “huge propaganda victory” for the Taliban and Al Qaeda and “put the security of America at risk”.

But Cheney’s message was rejected by Trump’s powerful counterparts.

“This warm fool wants to stay in the Middle East and Afghanistan for the next 19 years, but doesn’t take into account the whole picture of Russia and China!” Trump said last week in a statement released by his PAC leader.

Trump has been fighting Cheney since she voted to convict him in an article on charges of inciting an uprising on Jan. 6.

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