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Trump on the verge of 2nd impeachment after City Hall blockade

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Donald Trump is on the verge of impeachment for a second time. Against the results of the election and the government of the United States became The goal of the deadly blockade

While Trump’s first impeachment last year left no Republican vote in the House of Commons. But a small number of leaders But it is significant and other lawmakers are blasting the party to join Democrats on Wednesday, reluctance to put American decency and democracy at risk, despite it. The remaining days are on the agenda of the president.

The dramatic fall of Trump̵

7;s last day in office resists shocking warnings about the coming violence from his followers, putting the country at an uncomfortable and unfamiliar juncture first. At Democrat Joe Biden will take office on January 20.

“If soliciting a mob to riot against your own government is not an unpredictable event, then what?” Said Representative Jamie Raskin, D-Md., Who drafted an impeachment article.

Trump, who will become the only US president to be indicted twice, faces just one charge of “inciting riots”.

Four-page impeachment resolution Relying on Trump’s insurgent rhetoric and the falsehoods he spread about Biden’s election victory, including a Jan. 6 White House rally attacking the City Hall for crimes and gross crimes. High as demanded in the Constitution

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Faced with his potential place in history, Trump warned lawmakers to shut it down.It said it was a drive to oust him rather than his actions about the bloody uprising that was dividing the country.

“To keep going on this path, I think it is very dangerous for our country and it is very angry,” Trump said on Tuesday, his first speech to reporters since the controversy. Severe last week

Parliamentary police officers have died from injuries sustained in the riot and police shot and killed a woman during the siege. Three others died in what authorities said were medical emergencies. Lawmakers scramble for safety and hiding as rioters take control of City Hall and delay several hours in the final step in finalizing Biden’s victory.

The President left no condolences for the dead or injured, merely saying, “I don’t want violence.”

At least five Republican lawmakers, including Liz Cheney, leader of Wyoming’s third GOP Council, disagree with the president’s logic. Republicans have announced they will vote to impeach Trump to purge the Republican leadership and the party itself.

“The President of the United States has called this group together and set the fire of this attack,” Cheney said in a statement.

Unlike last year, Trump faced impeachment as a weak leader, losing his own re-election and most of the Republican Senate.

Mitch McConnell, the Senate Republican leader from Kentucky, said he was angry with Trump and it was not clear how the impeachment trial would take effect. In the House of Representatives Republican leaders Kevin McCarthy, Trump’s top ally, tried to introduce lighter blame instead. But that choice was broken.

So far Republican Reps. John Katko from New York, former federal prosecutor; Adam Kinsinger of Illinois, Veteran of the Air Force Fred Upton of Michigan; And Jaime Herrera Beutler of Washington State announced they would join Cheney to vote for prosecution.

The House tried to push Vice President Mike Pence and his cabinet to intervene, with a resolution late Tuesday calling on them to call on the 25th constitutional amendment to remove Trump from office. The resolution urged Pence to “make a clear declaration to the horrible nation that the president has failed to perform his duties and powers.”

Hours before the vote, Pence made it clear he would not do so.In a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Pence said it was time to unite our country as we prepared that. Will inaugurate President Joe Biden. “

Discussions about the resolution intensified after lawmakers returned the state agency for the first time since the blockade.

Rep. Sylvia Garcia, D-Texas, argued that Trump had to go because, as she said in Spanish, he was “crazy” – crazy.

In opposition to Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio said the “abolishing culture” was merely an attempt to abolish the president. He said Democrats had been trying to cancel the 2016 election since Trump took office and similarly ended the term.

While many Republicans may vote for impeachment – and leaders allow them to vote as they please. But it remains unclear whether two-thirds of the equally divided Senate will be required to judge and remove Trump, Republican Sen. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania. Join Sen. Lisa Murkowski from Alaska over the weekend to call on Trump to “leave as soon as possible.”

The unprecedented incident with just a week left in Trump’s tenure is being unfolded as the FBI ominously warns of a possible armed protest. By Trump’s loyalists ahead of Biden’s release, state police urged lawmakers to be alert.

With the new security, lawmakers will have to pass metal detectors to enter a house room not far from where the state police caught guns, blocking the door from rioters. Some Republican lawmakers have complained about the screening.

Biden said it’s important to make sure that “People who engage in sedition and life-threatening damage public property, causing great damage – they will be held responsible.”

To dispel concerns that the impeachment hearing will disrupt the first day of office, the president-elect is encouraging senators to divide the time between the consideration of nominee verification priorities and approval of the nomination. Mitigate COVID-19 while conducting court proceedings.

The lawsuit charged with Trump’s false statements about his election defeat to Biden, judges across the country, including some nominated by Trump, have dismissed lawsuits challenging the outcome. Elections are repeated and former Trump ally William Bar said there were no signs of widespread fraud.

As well as a resolution calling for the 25th Amendment, the impeachment bill also details Trump’s pressure on Georgia government officials to “find” more votes for him and his White House. Congratulations to “Fight like hell” by heading to the town hall

While some question the impeachment of the president until the end But there was a precedent in 1876, during the administration of Ulysses Grant, War Minister William Belnapp was indicted by the House on the day of his resignation and the Senate had. The trial in the following month He was acquitted


Associated Press authors Alan Fram and Zeke Miller contributed to this report.

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