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Trump said in a posting message that ‘No real supporters’ of him can vouch for political violence.

President Trump released a video on Wednesday evening condemning last week’s uprising at the U.S. Capitol and declaring that none of his real supporters could support political violence.

“Mob violence is against everything I believe and everything our movement represents,” Trump said in a message from the Oval Office.

“None of my real supporters can vouch for political violence,” Trump said. Any of me can threaten or offend their American friends, if you do these things then you don’t support our movement you are attacking it. And you’re attacking our country, we can’t stand it. “

His comments were posted from the White House̵

7;s Twitter account, just hours after 10 Republicans joined Democrats in impeaching the president. Trump’s personal account was banned by Twitter.

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Both Democrats and Republicans advised Trump to incite violence with messages he made before the riots.

In her resignation letter, Education Minister Betsy DeVos told Trump: “There is no misconception that your phrase for the situation was wrong, it was my turning point.”

“The President of the United States has called this crowd together and set the fire of this attack,” said Liz Cheney, chairman of the Wyoming GOP conference, similarly in a statement describing her support for the prosecution. For example, home group leader Kevin McCarthy warned that impeaching the president would split the country during difficult times.

In general, though, Trump calls for peaceful protests. But the attack followed shortly after he spoke from the Oval near the White House, telling many supporters to continue to challenge the 2020 election results that made President-elect Joe Biden win and fight City Hall.

“I know everyone here will march to the Parliament building to hear your voice in peace and patriotism soon,” he said.

The rioters can be seen with a pro-Trump banner. At least 5 people were killed in the riots.

Just days before Biden’s inauguration, scheduled for Jan. 20, the FBI reportedly warned that armed protests were planned in all 50 state capitals.

“As more demonstrations are reported, I urge no violence, no violations of the law and no destruction,” Trump told Fox News on Wednesday.

“That’s not what I stand for and not what America stands for. I urge all Americans to relieve tension and calm. Thank you.”

He noted that federal agencies were ordered to prevent violence, while thousands of members of the National Guard were called in to protect the nation’s capital and “Make sure the changes take place safely and without incident.”

Trump’s video also urged followers and big tech companies to avoid escalating tensions on Americans on the last day of their tenure.

After last week’s events, a list of social media platforms banned the president.

Twitter specifically banned him after he addressed the riots: “These are the things and the events that occurred when the divine electoral victory was disrespectful and stripped of the dire and acted patriots.” Unfairly for a long time, go home with love & peace, remember today forever! “

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The social media giant also said it removed more than 70,000 QAnon-linked accounts, while Facebook blocked content with the phrase “Stop the Steal”.

Amazon is discontinuing hosting Parler as an affordable alternative to Twitter.Parler has also been removed from Apple’s stores and Google Play.

“Attempts to censor, cancel and blacklist our compatriots are both wrong and dangerous,” Trump said. “What is needed now is for us to listen to each other, not to silence each other.”

Fox News’ Brooke Singman contributed to this report.

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