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Trump slams Milley over military crackdown on protesters: book

former President TrumpDonald TrumpTrump called Barr a ‘disappointment in every sense of the word’, the last foreign scientist to work at the Wuhan laboratory: ‘what people say is not just how it is.’ Trump Org on Monday: More Reports Clash with the Army Chief of Staff Mark MilleyMark MilleyTrump attacks Biden, a Democrat for returning to the rally stage after President Tucker Carlson doubles down on Milley: ‘disgusting’ lawmakers support details on Afghanistan’s evacuation plans More After Trump tried to force the country’s top generals to respond to racial justice protests last summer, Quote from the new book Reported by Axios on Monday..

The scene, which reportedly took place in the Situation Room after Trump said he simply held Milley “responsible” for his military campaign to crack down on protests across the country, The Wall Street Journal’s Michael Bender wrote in a new book. His, “Frankly, We Won This Election: The Inside Story Of How Trump Lost” Axios received a copy of the book.

Trump wants to invoke the 1807 Uprising Act and bring troops stationed to Washington, D.C. amid after-murder protests. George Floyd last May

But Milley’s report declined, citing legal restrictions on military intervention in domestic matters.

“I said you’re in charge!” Trump reportedly yelled at Milley, who yelled back, “You’re in charge!” “I’m not responsible!”

According to the book, the response angered Trump, who told Milley, “You can’t talk to me like that!”

“Too bad,” Millie said to the others. in the room, which included the former Attorney General. William BarrBill BarrWashington More transparency is still needed. McConnell urges Barr to speak up about Trump’s election, William Barr’s claim calls Trump election fraud claims: ‘bulls—‘ in new book. and former Secretary of Defense Mark EsperMark EsperTrump, who helped draft an order to invoke the Riot Act during Floyd protests: Overnight Defense report: High Admiral fires back at criticizing ‘woke’ soldiers | Missing military guns | New White House tactics to fight cult domestic extremist high admiral Responds to criticism of the ‘woke’ army: more ‘we are not weak’. “There’s a room full of lawyers here. Will someone inform him of my legal responsibility?”

Barr then intervened, telling Trump, “The general was right,” Bender recalls.

A Trump aide told Axios that the account “is all fake news. never happened I’m not a huge fan of Gen. Milley, but I’ve never had a fight with him. The whole story is false. He never talked to me… If Gen. Milley yelled at me, I’d fire him.”

Bender told Axios that the exchange was confirmed by several senior management officials. And he asked Trump to stay by his side. But the former president did not respond.

An earlier excerpt from Bender’s book also claimed that Trump had told Milley and senior law enforcement officials to shoot and “beat the f— out” of the protesters.

Trump, who reportedly pointed to news footage showing how violent law enforcement has been with protesters in Seattle and Portland. Said to management officials that “That’s how you should deal with these people. Smash their skulls!”

Trump has also told officials he wants the military. “Defeat the civil rights protesters,” Bender wrote.

“Just shoot them,” Trump said multiple times inside the Oval Office, according to Bender.

The excerpt highlights the complex relationship between Trump and Millie. which seeks to quell the president’s call to use the military in response to last year’s protests. as well as to distance themselves from issues that have been charged with political allegations

In June 2020, Millie was photographed fighting exhausted while walking with Trump to St John’s Church outside the White House. Shortly after protesters protested the police killing of Floyd. Forced clearance from Lafayette Square by federal law enforcement and national security personnel.

Milley sorry the next dayby saying that he regretted attending and “Shouldn’t go there”

“My presence at that moment and in that environment created a perception of the military involved in domestic politics,” he said at the time.

aide trump too It is reported that it has gone as far as drafting the order. That would allow him to run the Riot Act last summer, but Barr, Esper and Milley later told the president that it wasn’t in the plans.

Last week, Milley attacked by conservatives For speaking during a hearing by the House of Representatives Armed Services Committee he wished to explore areas of the intersection of race and law academics.

“I want to understand the anger. And I’m white,” Millie said.

The comments drew direct condemnation from Trump.

“Have you seen these generals on television lately? They are awake,” Trump said at a rally in Ohio on Saturday night. without naming Millie

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